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3rd Sinquefield Cup - Round 8 recap

Opening: D31: QGD

Player(s): Carlsen,, Nakamura

GM Joel Benjamin recaps Round 8. Aronian and Anand decided to leave their game to the analysts today. The theory of the English opening they played is interesting, as the two great K's battled over it. The two great A's though, after a rather quick liquidation, went for a repetition of moves. Probably Levon, although Carlsen seemed to be in good shape at that point, decided he wanted to get into last round with at least a half point advantage. Caruana and Giri landed onto an interesting theoretical ending position, which is not trivial at all, but Fabiano didn't seem to be so familiar with it, and though he had winning chances, the players agree to a draw after a few more moves. And now, let's see... yes, it was Carlsen vs. Nakamura the game which all the fans were waiting for today. Carlsen got a nice advantage right after the QGD opening, only to throw it away, allowing Nakamura-The-Great-Defender to equalize an apparently lost position. Nakamura was brilliant in finding all the right moves after Carlsen's slip. Then Carlsen played on for 88 moves, mostly out of rage for "being sick of playing so badly" as he declared in the interviews. The game ended with the Kings and a white bishop on the board, as a proof of the stubbornness of a quite unhappy World Champion. Entering last round, Aronian leads by a full point. The howling pack with Carlsen, Grischuk, MVL and Giri look at the leader from a long distance, and probably nobody will be able to bite him tomorrow. But we know, chess is always surprising, and following the last round will be a thrill.

Teacher's library (453) D31 Carlsen Nakamura recap

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3rd Sinquefield Cup - Round 8 recap

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