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Happened Today in the Chess World - Apr 12, 2024

Added on 04.12.2024

SHAK TO THE KING! GM Shakriyar Mamedyarov - Photo: Nikki Riga - Source World Chess / Today is Grandmaster Shakriyar Mamediarov's birthday. He was born in Sumgait, Azerbaijan, on April 12, 1985. Shak's list of successes is impressive: U18 European Champion, two-time U20 World Champion, World Rapid Champion in 2018, winner of the Istanbul Olimpyad with his national team, and a long series of international tournaments. In 2018, Mamedyarov placed second in the Candidates Tournament...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Apr 11, 2024

Added on 04.11.2024

A LONG CAREER GM Nikolay Legky - Photo: jk Source: Today is Grandmaster Nikolay Legky's birthday. He was born in Odesa, Ukraine, on April 11, 1955. Legky was a Samuel Kotlerman and Nathan Zilberman student and became the Moldavian champion in 1978. Later on, Legky moved to France. He reached his peak rating in July 1996 with 2540 Elo points. The Ukrainian GM often played international tournaments in Italy; he won the Imperia Chess Festival twice, in 2017 and 2019. In 2023, Legky won...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Apr 10, 2024

Added on 04.10.2024

A STRANGE CAREER Moscow-Minsk match (senior), Moscow 2017: Viacheslav Dydyshko-Yuri Balashov Photo: Vladimir Barsky - Source: Today is Grandmaster Viacheslav Dydyshko's birthday. He was born in Gmina Lipsk, Poland, on April 10, 1949.  Dydyshko was an eleven-time Belarus champion between 1965 and 2006 (41 years between the first and the last success!). He represented his country in seven Olympiads, winning an individual Silver medal in 1994. Like many other chess players from the...Full Story

Candidates 2024 - IM Michael Rahal video recaps

Added on 04.10.2024

The 2024 Candidates Tournament - arguably the most important chess event of the year so far - takes place in Toronto, Canada, from April 3-22. Sixteen of the strongest chess players in the world will dispute a spot to play Challenge World Champions Ding Liren and  Ju Wenjun for the title.  ICC follows the event with six videos for you to watch and enjoy. International Master Michael Rahal will record a recap video on every rest day. Recap for rounds 5, 6, and 7 Here is the recap for the...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Apr 9, 2024

Added on 04.09.2024

AFTER VIDMAR AND PIRC GM Stojan Puc Today, we remember Grandmaster Stojan Puc. He was born in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, on April 9, 1921. Puc was a four-time Slovenian champion between 1954 and 1967; he took up Vidmar's and Pirc's inheritance. Puc was part of the team that won the Dubrovnik Olympiad in 1950. In 1984, Puc was given the Grandmaster title—deserved, anyway—as an honorary title for his career. Puc defeated super-strong players like Bogoljubow, Gligoric, Hort, Ivkov, Uhlmann,...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Apr 8, 2024

Added on 04.08.2024

ETERNAL SECOND Porto S. Giorgio Chess Festival 2011: The winner Tamas Banusz - Source: Today is Grandmaster Tamas Banusz's birthday. Tamas was born in Mohacs, Hungary, on April 8, 1989. Several times youth national champion, Banusz placed four times second in the national championship. Banusz participated in various occasions in the Hungary National Team, and reached his peak rating in January 2018 with 2641 Elo points. Tamas is a FIDE Trainer. In his career, he defeated...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Apr 5, 2024

Added on 04.05.2024

AGENT SMEETS, THE CHAMPIONS' BÊTE NOIRE GM Jan Smeets - Source: Today is Grandmaster Jan Smeets's birthday. He was born in Leiden, Netherlands, on April 5, 1985. Several times Dutch youth champion (Under 14, 16, and 20), Jan won the national title twice, in 2006 and 2010, and represented his country in three Olympiads between 2008 and 2010. Smeets reached his peek rating in July 2010 with 2669 Elo points. Jan defeated an impressive list of champions: Carlsen, Kramnik, Caruana,...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Apr 4, 2024

Added on 04.04.2024

THE HUNGARIAN BOTVINNIK Thessaloniki Olympiad 1984: Lajos Portisch -Lubomir Kavalek Source: Today is Grandmaster Lajos Portisch's birthday. He was born in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, on April 4, 1937. Eight times Hungarian champion, number three in the world in 1980 with 2655 Elo points, Portisch was on the go from the sixties to the nineties, participating in eight Candidates and reaching the semifinals twice. Portisich participated, between 1956 and 2000, in a staggering...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Apr 3, 2024

Added on 04.03.2024

HEAD-TO-HEAD RECORD VS. #1 Tromso, Chess Olympiad 2014: Tomi Nyback - Magnus Carlsen Today is Grandmaster Tomi Nyback's birthday. He was born in Jarvenpaa, Finland, on April 2, 1985. Nyback was the first GM from Finland to reach a rating greater than 2600. He was National Champion in 2008, representing his country in several Olympiads. Nyback reached his peak rating in January 2011 with 2656 Elo points. The Finnish GM can sport a positive head-to-head record against the world Numero Uno...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Apr 2, 2024

Added on 04.02.2024

THE OTHER MAMEDOV Barcellona Open 2010: GM Nidjat Mamedov - Photo: Pawel Grochowalski Today is GM Nidjat Mamedov's birthday. He was born in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan, on April 2, 1985. Mamedov became the U 14 world champion in 1999 and the Azeri champion in 2011. He represented his country in the 2000 Olympiad and two world team championships in 2010 and 2013. Nidjat is less known than Rauf Mamedov, but in January 2014, he reached a remarkable rating of 2624 Elo points. In his career, Mamedov...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Apr 1, 2024

Added on 04.01.2024

A LIFE FOR CHESS Bundesliga, Germany, 2013: GM Ivan Farago plays GM Drazen Muse. Source: Today, we remember Grandmaster Ivan Farago, born in Budapest, Hungary, on April 1, 1946. Fargo became the Hungarian champion in 1986. With his country team, he won a silver medal at the Olympics and two silver and a bronze at the European Team Championship. Fargo reached his peak rating in July 1983 with 2540 Elo points. A great expert in the French defense, Fargo is one of the players with...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Mar 29, 2024

Added on 03.29.2024

THE "FRANCESISTA" IBM Chess Tournament, Amsterdam 1972: GM Wolfgang Uhlmann  Photo: Nationaal Archief / ANEFO Today, we remember Grandmaster Wolfgang Uhlmann. He was born in Dresden, Germany, on March 29, 1935. Uhlmann was an 11-time East Germany Champion and represented his country in eleven Olympiads, winning individual medals (a gold and a bronze) on the first board. Uhlmann was a candidate for the world title in 1970; in the same year, Uhlmann was part of the Rest of the World Team that...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Mar 28, 2024

Added on 03.28.2024

AT THE RADAR Banco di Roma Tournament, 1976: the tournament winner, GM Anatoly Lein  Photo: "L'Italia Scacchistica" July 1976 - Source: Today, we remember Grandmaster Anatoly Lein, born in Leningrad on March 28, 1931. Lein was a Soviet engineer devoted to the study of radar. When he moved to the United States via Israel in 1976, he stopped in Rome, Italy, and played the then-important "Banco di Roma" tournament, winning it. Among his important successes were the US Open and...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Mar 27, 2024

Added on 03.27.2024

A POET'S SURNAME European Team Championship, Varsavia 2013: GM Michail Brodsky Photo: Przemyslaw Jahr/wikimedia commons - Source: Today is Grandmaster Michail Brodsky's birthday. He was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on March 27, 1969. Coached by Anatoly Matsukevic and Alexander Vaisman, Brodsky won the Ukrainian championship in 1990. Brodsky reached his peak rating in January 2007 with 2597 Elo points. In his career, Brodsky defeated super-strong players like Nepomniachtchi, M....Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Mar 26, 2024

Added on 03.26.2024

UNCLE SAM World Championship (press room), Moscow 1984: GM Semon Palatnik, GM Lev Psakhis, GM Sergey Dolmatov, GM Mark Taimanov, GM Artur Jussupow. Photo: B. Dolmatovsky - Source: Today is Grandmaster Semon (Sam) Palatnik's birthday. He was born in Odesa, Ukraine, on March 26, 1959. Sam was a Samuel Kotlerman and Roman Pelts student and won four gold medals (two Team and two Individual) with the Soviet Union at the Student Team Championship. Palatnik was one of...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Mar 25, 2024

Added on 03.25.2024

THE WORLD CHAMPION'S SECOND Gashimov Memorial, Baku 2021: GM Richard Rapport - Photo: Gashimov Chess Today is Grandmaster Richard Rapport's birthday. He was born in Szombathely, Hungary, on March 25, 1996. Coached by trainers such as Alexander Beliavsky and Adrian Mikhalchishin, Rapport got the GM title at the age of 13, smashing the Hungarian record held by Peter Leko. Rapport won the Hungarian championship in 2017 and, with the Hungarian Team, won the Silver medal at the Olympiads in...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Mar 22, 2024

Added on 03.22.2024

THE BOY OF THE 42nd STREET Haifa 1976: Chess Olympiads - Three members of the winning US Team: Larry Evans, Lubomir Kavalek, and Robert Byrne. - Photo: Huffington Post   Today, we remember Grandmaster Larry Evans, born in New York, USA, on March 22, 1932. Larry grew up playing with passersby on the 42nd and became the Marshall Chess Club champion at 15. Evans won the US Championship five times between 1951 and 1980 and the US Open four times. He played in eight Olympiads between 1950 and...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Mar 21, 2024

Added on 03.21.2024

IGOR OF GERMANY GM Igor Khenkin - Source: Today is Grandmaster Igor Khenkin's birthday. He was born in Vladimir, Russia, on March 21, 1968. Khenkin was the German champion in 2011; he performed well in several Italian tournaments, such as Reggio Emilia and Bratto. Khenkin is considered one of the greatest experts on the Caro-Kann defense and tied his name - along with English GM Keith Arkell's - to the line 1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5, also known as  Carls-Botvinnik...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Mar 20, 2024

Added on 03.20.2024

METEOR Reykjavik 1988, World Cup: World Champion Garry Kasparov will be defeated by Andrei Sokolov Photo: - Source: Today is Grandmaster Andrei Sokolov's birthday. He was born in Vorkuta, Russia, on March 20, 1963. World Champion U20 in 1982, Sokolov became the Soviet Champion in 1985 and reached the finals of the Candidates after having beaten Vaganian and Jussupow. In the finals, Sokolov lost to Karpov.  In the next Candidates' cycle, Sokolov...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Mar 19, 2024

Added on 03.19.2024

EDUARD AND MONNA LISA Tbilisi 1959, Soviet Championship: the game between Tal and Gufeld from which today's combination was taken Today, we remember Grandmaster Eduard Gufeld, who was born in Kyiv (Ukraine) on March 19, 1936. Gufeld was Isaak Lipnitsky's student, and in his youth years, he was a good soccer player who played for youth teams in Ukraine. Gufeld was gifted with extraordinary creativity and could defeat world champions like Tal and Smyslov. He also created masterpieces like his...Full Story

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