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News and Events

1st Susan Kantor Memorial Tourney results

Added on 10.18.2020

Tournament report INFO DONATE PGN download 1st Susan Kantor Memorial Tourney Swiss Standard 15 5 rated manager chesskix Played on 129 players, 7 rounds Current round 7 Sun Oct 18 20 9:57 - ongoing uscf7 tournament #2069 Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Score #g OppScore OppRating 1 GUSEINOV, GADIR(GM)(2705) +b63 +w9 +b16 +w27 +b6 +w3 =b2 6.5 7 36.0 2062 2 VAKHIDOV, JAKHO(GM)(2600) +w59 +b19 +w4 +b5 +w31 +b12...Full Story

Susan Kantor Memorial on ICC

Added on 10.11.2020

The 1st Annual Susan Kantor Memorial All proceeds of your donation/entry fee will be gifted to the US Chess at-risk children's fund, in Susan's memory. US CHESS Rated Tournament with $1,500 in prizes guaranteed! The Internet Chess Club (ICC) announces the 1st Annual Susan E. Kantor Memorial Online Chess Tournament to be held on Sunday, October 18, 2020. The event will be an online quick rated, seven-round event (full details at the end of the article) with all proceeds to benefit at-risk...Full Story


Added on 10.07.2020

GM Miguel Illescas, after a short break, is back! His new video series is about one of the most satisfying moments a player can have at the board: checkmate. The series is thought to be useful for players whose rating is in the 1400-2000 range, but every chess player can enjoy these videos. GM Miguel is not going to show us a long list of checkmate examples, though. The intent of the series is to teach patterns. Knowing the patterns that lead to the ultimate chess result is fundamental in the...Full Story

Fair Play Endorsement by US Chess

Added on 08.11.2020

Internet Chess Club (ICC) Fair Play Endorsement By US Chess August 7, 2020: In our ongoing initiatives to make online rated play more available and to provide more certainty about the integrity of online games, the US Chess Executive Board worked with the US Chess Ratings Committee to review the Internet Chess Club's  (ICC) fair play methodology. A subcommittee of the Ratings Committee, composed of experts in statistics and other quantitative fields, examined ICC's approach and concluded, "The...Full Story

World Open!

Added on 07.31.2020

The Internet Chess Club (ICC) is excited to be in partnership with the Continental Chess Association (CCA) holding the 48th ANNUAL WORLD OPEN on the ICC, August 7 to 9, 2020.   The World Open is organized each year by the Continental Chess Association going back to 1972!  This mega tournament has a guaranteed prize fund of $20,000 USD + $5,000 in ICC memberships and videos. In addition, CCA will be offering fifty six (56) FREE entries as prizes.  The tournament is also a US CHESS Rated Event,...Full Story

World Stars Sharjah Online International Chess Championship 2020

Added on 06.01.2020

The Internet Chess Club is proud to announce the World Stars Sharjah Online International Chess Championship 2020! The tournament will be played on ICC - LIVE - on June 12 and 13. Games start at 21:00 UAE (GST - Gulf Standard Time - GMT +3) - 1PM EDT (New York) - 19:00 Europe (Paris, Madrid, Rome) - 6PM London. The Tournament is a six-players Double Round Robin, with Time Control 10+3.  ICC will provide LIVE commentary on its YouTube Channel, with GM Efstratios Grivas and WGM...Full Story

Joel’s back!

Added on 05.25.2020

He's back! So many of you have sent in inquiries about why the ICC stopped publishing GM Benjamin's popular show "Chess Week Recap.". Well, the reasons are mainly two: the pandemic that spread at the beginning of March put a halt to all live tournaments, even interrupting the FIDE Candidates' after only seven rounds; with no games being played, keeping up with a show based on the most exciting games of the week wasn't exactly easy; the second, and most important reason, is that we thought...Full Story


Added on 05.12.2020

Covid19 Fundraiser for India by Grandmaster INIYAN P. This weekend, 15th May 2020 to 17th May 2020 Grandmaster Iniyan P. will be playing blitz games to help raise funds for the fight against Covid19. Join us and play against young India Grandmaster Iniyan P. and get one of your games analysed too! Open to all. No restriction on location, age, rating & title! Join the blitz battle along with hundreds of participants. Minimum donation of Rs 150 (INR) is required to participate. But donate as...Full Story

Chess Strategy Lessons!

Added on 04.22.2020

GM Miguel Illescas - Photo by Przemysław Jahr / Wikimedia Commons GM Miguel Illescas doesn't need presentation, but just to put things in the right perspective, we're talking about one of the most influential chess players in the last decades, especially in Spain. Miguel, so far, has won the Spanish national championship of 1995, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2010. In team competitions, he has represented his country at many Olympiads, from 1986 onwards, and won an individual bronze...Full Story

The Volga Benko Gambit

Added on 04.09.2020

NEW VIDEO SERIES for ICC members by GM Misa Pap!   The gambit with two names: Volga and Benko. This gambit is a very dynamic and active opening. From the very beginning of the game, black strives for a counterattack and plays for the initiative, and of course, for the win, rather than "just" trying to equalize, and then maybe slowly outplay his opponent.   Of course, all this activity comes with a price - a pawn - in the typical gambit tradition. But, really, only one pawn, for all that...Full Story

The Dragon!

Added on 04.04.2020

New video-series and Learning Center course for ICC members! The Sicilian defense is one of the most famous and played openings in chess. A quarter of all chess games start with 1.e4 c5, which is the first move that configures the opening. The Sicilian comes from a remote era, the late 16th century when the Italian players Giulio Polerio and Giachino Greco started playing the Sicilian and left notes about it. One of the most intriguing and played variants of the Sicilian defense is the Dragon....Full Story

Stay Home, Stay Chess!

Added on 03.30.2020

The pandemic is spreading more and more all over the World, and until the situation gets back to normality, we're asked to stay home. Social distancing seems to be the panacea to stop this invisible menace. This microscopic, yet lethal, virus is changing, at least temporarily, our life. Now, since we're good citizens, we are staying home. Right? And, in the majority of the cases, we need something to help us kill time. Luckily, we live in a time of accessible communication. The Internet allows...Full Story

FIDE Stops the Candidates’

Added on 03.26.2020

Russia, which seemed to be miraculously almost immune from the global pandemic, has suddenly had to face reality, with people getting the COVID-19 infection and illness at a frightening rate. Vladimir Putin announced that starting March, 27th, 2020, all the flights to foreign countries will be stopped. This has left no choice to FIDE, which stopped the tournament to allow people to get back home.  Here is FIDE's announcement: Today, the government of the Russian Federation announced that...Full Story

Dodging Corona to take Crown again

Added on 03.16.2020

This is a report written by GM Joel Benjamin. Shabalov, Kaidanov, Benjamin, and Yermolinsky (Photo from This week I am reporting from one of the most surreal tournament experiences I have ever had, the World Senior Team Championship in Prague, Czech Republic.  The US team successfully “three-peated” in the 50+ category, but it was not an entirely pleasant excursion. Chaos enveloped us before the trip began, as Larry Christiansen, who was to join the team for the...Full Story

Candidates 2020

Added on 03.08.2020

UPDATE (03/12 - 11:03 AM EDT) It seems like FIDE wants the Candidates' to take place. Caruana will make it, according to this tweet: UPDATE: The spreading of the virus is forcing countries to lock down, and airlines to cancel flights all over the world. Today Fabiano Caruana used Twitter to let people know he probably won't make it to Yekaterinburg. CoronaVirus. This is what everyone is talking about. In the media, on every social, everywhere. And such a pandemic has already affected...Full Story

MLK Weekend at PNWCC - by GM Alex Yermolinsky

Added on 02.18.2020

The Pacific Northwest Chess Center is a new fully-functioning club in the Seattle area. Located some 10 miles north of Microsoft Headquarters in Kirkland, WA, this club is supported by generous efforts of Xuhao He, the dad of one of the most promising young players of the area, Anthony He. I can almost see the readers rolling their eyes, thinking, “yet another chess patron for a day. Wait till the kid grows up and quits chess... “ Yeah, of course, it's impossible to tell what the future might...Full Story

Chess is Woman!

Added on 02.10.2020

In his acclaimed weekly recap show, today GM Joel presents us with a magnificent collection of great games recently played by women chess players around the world. The Gibraltar Masters attracts a lot of big names every year, but it is particularly strong in the participation of the world’s strongest female players.  Gibraltar offers huge prizes for the fairer sex, and with so many evenly matched players, it stands to reason that the winner will be decided in the last round.  That makes it...Full Story

Counter-intuitive Thinking!

Added on 01.29.2020

With this new feat, GM Davorin Kuljasevic decided to do something slightly different. In his previous courses, Davorin explained how to play in Closed Positions and how to improve one's Calculation skills. Both courses, which had great success, were based on the "canonic" way of thinking. Our GM explained ideas and principles on how to play certain types of positions. In this innovative course, GM Kuljasevic will look at the exceptions to the rules. He is going to show you solutions to problems...Full Story


Added on 01.26.2020

What a ride! GM Fabiano Caruana from the US, with an almost unbelievable score of 7 wins, 6 draws, and zero losses, won the prestigious Tata Steel Master 2020. In the last round, despite having already conquered the title, Fabiano went all out with Black and defeated a stunned Artemiev. Artemiev's resilience allowed him to play on, trying to calculate all the possible continuations. Still, Fabiano had all of it worked out, and the Black King's walk finished when eventually Caruana was able to...Full Story

Tata 2020 - Three to go!

Added on 01.22.2020

The King smirks in the background, as Alireza and Jeffery Xiong play - Photo by Alina L'Ami It looks like the lion came out of his den. Magnus ET Carlsen, after drawing too many games - seven for the record - decided it was time to show once again his colleagues who's the boss. In round 9, Magnus had Black against the wonder of the event, Iran Alireza Firouzja. Socials were taken away by expectancy for this game. Still, the champ destroyed his young opponent with apparent ease, and his...Full Story

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