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USCF Online Rated Tournaments on ICC!

There are four weekly rated USCF tournaments with different time controls:

If you don’t have an ICC membership, you can register an ICC membership HERE.
If you don’t have a USCF membership, you can register for a USCF membership HERE.

How to play in USCF Tournaments

The tournaments open 20 minutes prior to tournament time; once it is open, just join the USCF tournament (see instructions below on how to join).
If it is your first USCF/ICC tournament, you will be asked for you USCF ID/PIN: a window will pop up asking you to fill in your USCF ID and your PIN.
If you need help entering your USCF ID/PIN, CLICK HERE.
If we can't find your USCF ID, you will be sent to the USCF website to register/check about your ID and PIN. Or request it from the USCF by clicking here.  Note: We store your USCF PIN and ID, so you won't be asked for it again next time you join a tournament.   

Other Interfaces:

Once you have joined, you're ready to play!  When the tournament starts, you will be prompted a small window asking you to match your opponent.  The channel reserved for the USCF tournaments is 231. The channel will be added to your channel list automatically once you join the tournament.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 How do I get the 20% ICC membership discount for being a USCF member?

If you are a USCF member in good standing, you are now entitled to a 20% discount on a 1 membership!  To claim your discount, visit the USCF-ICC MEMBERSHIP store page.

 How do I look up my new USCF rating?

Go to and enter your name; Find your name listed and click it, then click the far right tab "Tnmt Hst" (Tournament history)


 Where can I see past tournaments played?

Go to and enter your name; Find your name listed and click it, then click the far right tab "Tnmt Hst" (Tournament history)


 Is this rating only used on ICC, or will it be used in other events?

This is an official USCF rating and can be used anywhere!


 How often are the tournaments being held?

Now we will have three different Time Control Tournaments a week (Mon @ 7 PM, TC: 3 2 / 7 rounds;  Fri @ 8PM,  TC: 15 5 / 5 rounds; and Sat. @ 5PM 12 3 / 5 round.) We expect to run more as the popularity demands.

 Where do I get my pin if I cannot find  it?

The USCF pin is on the magazine cover you receive.  Members who do not receive magazines receive a letter with their membership card.  Their PIN is provided in that letter.  If you cannot find that letter, please visit the USCF Pin lookup site:  If you still need assistance,  you can call the USCF office at 931-787-1234 and someone in the membership department will be happy to help! The Membership Department is open during office hours from Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM Eastern Time.


 How many bye points will I get if I latejoin?

A player who latejoins (enters a tournament that is already in progress) will receive a 1/2 point bye for each round prior to the first round in which they are paired.

 Do we win prizes?

From time to time, there will be random prizes! These are not done each week, but very often. You simply never know, so play in them ALL !!


 Will there be entry fee tournaments with prizes?

There are no entry fees at this time.


 How soon are ratings posted?

Most days, ratings will be posted hourly until 11 PM (Note: This may be delayed as we launch the first of these events) Note: see the FAQ "How do I look up my new USCF rating?"


 What initial ratings will be used for the online Blitz events?

USCF will set an initial rating based on other known ratings.  The rating will be set in this order, using the first available:  1) USCF blitz, 2)  USCF standard,  3) ICC blitz,  4) ICC standard.  If no ratings are found in any of these categories, a default rating of 1400 will be used.

 How do I see last tournment's results?

In ICC, type: /tell uscf grid (this is only good until the bot has rebooted). You can type: /tell uscf history -a and that will show you the last 20 grids played. Pick the one you wish to view and then type: /tell uscf grid #### . 


Entrants must agree to all the following prior to entry into each USCF tournament:

  1. I will not give my password to anyone. I will not share my account. I am the only person allowed to use my account. Specifically, I will not allow other people to use my account. I will not use any account which does not belong to me.
  2. I will not use chess database software, analysis software or chess engines while playing USCF rated games on the Internet Chess Club. I acknowledge and agree that the ICC and the USCF has the right to monitor such activity and further agree to indemnify, defend and hold the USCF and ICC harmless from and against any and all liabilities, claims, causes of action or damages (including attorney's fees) arising from the Company's exercise of its rights herein.
  3. I will behave decently toward other players, as described in help atmosphere and help abuse. I will not accuse anyone rules infractions.
  4. Players are prohibited from giving takebacks or moretime during the tournament.
  5. All participants are expected to be familiar with the rules of chess used on the ICC server.  In particular, participants should be aware of the ICC rules for draws and how to claim a draw if such a claim is necessary to invoke a particular draw rule.  To that end, each participant is encouraged to review the rules at
  6. The tournament manager may, at his or her discretion, refuse to allow a player to enter the tournament or eject a player from the tournament, for any reason, including, but not limited to: connection problems, excessive lag, failure to start tournament games promptly, failure to resume tournament games promptly, disruptive behavior in the tournament channel, suspicion that the player is receiving outside assistance, suspicion that the player is using computer assistance, or discovery that the account or player has a previous history of violating ICC rules. The manager is not obligated to disclose the reason for his or her decision, and his or her decision is final. There is no process for appeal.
  7. In the event a player is ejected from the tournament by the manager, the manager may, at his or her discretion, rule the game in the running round in which the player was ejected, as lost for the ejected player and won for their opponent.  However, results for any previous rounds will stand.
  8. Successfully playing USCF online rated games are at the mercy to an individual’s connectivity and one’s ability to use the various interfaces to connect and play on our site.  ICC, or the USCF, cannot be responsible for games lost due to an entrant’s difficulty remaining connected or inability to use the programs used to play. Completed games cannot and will not be re-started, resumed or ratings adjusted for any reason.
  9. Neither ICC nor the USCF can be responsible for things that can happen with internet play. Examples of this can be: slips or dropped pieces; returning a piece back to its original place and accidentally setting it on the wrong square; game boards disappearing; etc. This list is not all-inclusive, as there may be other issues that we cannot control as well. 

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