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ICC for Unknown OS Platform

Play chess everywhere! An ocean of possibility.


Download ICC for Windows and play chess on Internet Chess Club

ICC for Windows

If you’re looking for something more visual and just point and click, try this.

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Download BlitzIn and play chess on Internet Chess Club


Aimed at experienced power users, this is an old favorite of many.

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Download Dasher and play chess on Internet Chess Club


A balanced interface ideal for all types of users.

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Play on Internet Chess Club on your Apple device


Play chess everywhere! An ocean of possibility.


Play on Internet Chess Club on your Android device

ICC for Android

Play chess everywhere! An ocean of possibility.



Jin Applet

Jin Applet: a full-featured interface with no installation needed. By Alexander Maryanovsky is by far the fanciest of the applet interfaces, and is similar to our Windows interface Blitzln in its appearance and capabilitles. You can customize the font, chessboard ad so forth, and it will save your preferences on the central server, so that wherever you go, be it an Internet Cafe, a public library or a friend's house, your preferences go with you. You can also download and install Jin as a java applications, see below. You can have more information in the Alexander Maryanovsky's Website

Coffe House

CoffeeHouse: our original Java interface is an advanced java interface that can be used to access the ICC. If you have a suitable browser, CoffeeHouse is easy to use, requires to installation, and allow you to access nearly all of ICC's features


EasyChess: the introductory java interface is intended to demonstrate only the most basic features of ICC. EasyChess is extremly easy to use, requires no installation, and should enable you to start to instantly. However, you will not be able to access the more advanced features of ICC



Jin by Alexander Maryanovsky is a full-featured Java application interface for ICC.
Note: In order to run Jin you need a Java Runtime Environment. If you do not already have it installed, you may obtain it from one of the following sources:
- For Windows you will not usually have to install anything in addition to Jin. To use it fully, however, install the latest Java Runtime Environment for Windows. You may also need to install that if Jin doesn't work, or doesn't work properly out of the box
- For Linux
- For FreeBSD
- All modern Macs have Java preinstalled.

Lantern Chess

Lantern Chess is a downloadable Java interface for Mac, Windows and Linux. Lantern has an event list, seek graph and tabbed consoles plus personal tell support that make chatting easy. Also a friends/notify and top games to watch windows. Lantern supports engine analysis though a load engine feature. The link to download Stockfish is on the Lantern web site. Many pieces and boards to choose from, circle and arrow support and saves the user's games to a PGN file on the user's computer as well as can open PGN files. The board includes player's country flags and is customizable. The toolbar in Lantern has both customizable user buttons and buttons to play auto pairing pool games like 5-minute. All wild variants are supported as well including crazyhouse, atomic, and bughouse. There are also versions of Lantern for Android and iOS


ChessViewer Utillity for Webmasters
ChessViewer is not an interface to ICC but rather a Java utillity for putting chess games onto web pages