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ICC’s children, parents and coach section

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Welcome to the Internet Chess Club (ICC), a world leader in internet chess and a great place where kids can learn, play and improve their chess game! The ICC offers a wide variety of possibilities.  From the basic rules and information about the game,  all the way to practice drills, video lessons, private coaches, team tournaments and much more! [/size]

ICC is also SAFE! The ICC offers a special chat system, which only allows predetermined chat phrases like: “Nice move”, “Good game”, etc. You can rest assured your child will not be exposed to any unwanted chatter. [/size]


STEP TWO: DOWNLOAD OUR SOFTWARE or simply login via our web-based interface: PLAY NOW

Want to improve your game? Checkout ICC's new Learning Center at:


Fun and friendly. Chess for the entire familyCHESS CLUBS, COACHES AND SCHOOLS

If you’re a school, chess club or coach, ICC now offers Club Packages!  Package includes:

Complimentary ICC membership for up to 25 students/coaches for 1 year (Additional 1 year student memberships available at a discounted price)

Teacher/Coach has access to all online offerings including:

ICC offers a child-safe environment with limited chat.

Price:  $200.00 per year  CLICK HERE



As a policy, the ICC will double the amount of time purchased (Up to 1 year) to all students or users under the age of 21. Please note certain restrictions apply.  For more information click HERE  


Have a question that you can’t find the answer or want to get an ICC group discount?  Contact ICC's Scholastic Director Patricia K. Smith for all the details! or 865-320-4390.



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