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ICC’s children, parents and coach section

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Welcome to the Internet Chess Club (ICC), a world leader in internet chess and a great place where kids can learn, play and improve their chess game! The ICC offers a wide variety of possibilities.  From the basic rules and information about the game,  all the way to practice drills, video lessons, private coaches, team tournaments and much more! 

ICC is also SAFE! The ICC offers a special chat system, which only allows predetermined chat phrases like: “Nice move”, “Good game”, etc. You can rest assured your child will not be exposed to any unwanted chatter. 


STEP TWO: DOWNLOAD OUR SOFTWARE or simply login via our web-based interface: PLAY NOW

Want to improve your game? Checkout ICC's new Learning Center at:


Fun and friendly. Chess for the entire familyCHESS CLUBS, COACHES AND SCHOOLS

If you’re a school, chess club or coach, ICC now offers Club Packages!  Package includes:

Complimentary ICC membership for up to 25 students/coaches for 1 year (Additional 1 year student memberships available at a discounted price)

Teacher/Coach has access to all online offerings including:

ICC offers a child-safe environment with limited chat.

Price:  $199.00 per year  CLICK HERE



As policy, the ICC will double the amount of time purchased to all students or users under the age of 21. Please note certain restrictions apply.  For more information read:


Have a question that you can’t find the answer or want to get an ICC group discount?  Contact ICC's Director of Online Events,  Patricia K. Smith for all the details! or 865-320-4390.



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