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Play the Pap Attack! - 9…Bc5

Opening: C02: French: advanced variation


In the first three videos of this mini-series, we will have a theoretical part, and in the last 2, we will see some beautiful model games. 
In this video, we will deal with the 9…Bc5 line. Here, black tries to conclude the development, going for 9…Bc5 with the idea of playing 10…Nge7, and then castle. Of course, life is not that easy. Especially not in this line! Why? Although the Bc5 move is direct, it has one drawback – it exposes that dark-squared Bishop to the attack. One idea is simple:  10.Nd4 Bd4 11. Nf3, and white gets to exchange that Bishop for a Knight, and obtain the Bishop pair; he also achieves some prospects of play on the dark squares. 
But, white also has another idea: the move 10.b4!?, which leads to sharp and 2complex play. Also, white puts maximum pressure on black, and often, one wrong step means a lousy position for black pieces. Even if a player with the black pieces is prepared for this, that doesn’t guarantee him an easy life!

Teacher's library (89) OFFICIAL COURSE 6 C02 opening

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