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GM Misa Pap’s “Volga Benko Gambit” - Using c4 and d3

Opening: A59, A58: Benko Gambit: 7.e4, Benko Gambit accepted

Player(s): Pap, Kojovic, Doric, Rochau

If you are going to put pressure on white and go for counterplay, you need to know how to optimally use the c4-d3 squares! And, of course, when it's the right moment to go for it. Usually, we use the knights to jump on those squares, and when only one reaches its desirable square, white is in trouble. Not to mention what happens if you manage to jump with both knights to optimal squares. Also, sometimes we make good use of the Bc4 idea in some positions or Ba6-d3.  In such cases, the bishop doesn't stay for long, just to finish some tactical operations.
Using the c4 and d3 squares is often connected with other motives: sometimes with the c4 pawn push. This significant pawn push will be tackled later in the course. In this lesson, you'll start learning how to activate your pieces and put pressure on white's position.

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Teacher's library (107) OFFICIAL COURSE 11 A59 A58 Pap Kojovic Doric Rochau opening

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