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FIDE Candidates 2016 - Video Recap Round 3

Opening: D16: QGD Slav

Player(s): Nakamura, Svidler

GM Lars Bo Hansen recaps Round 3. What a game! Svidler and Nakamura today kept all the chess world glued to their computer screens for six hours. Nakamura went all out for an attack, but didn't calculate everything perfectly, and found himself in muddy waters. Hikaru had to call all his stamina and great creativity up, but he did manage to play well and force Peter to settle for a draw. An exciting and entertaining game, which has been followed by enthusiast kibitzers all over the cyber world. Giri played a startling attacking game against Karjakin, showing that he doesn't fear any of these "big guys". Anish, in the heat of his furious attack, overextended his position a bit and, realizing he was two full pieces down(!), had to curb his attacking impetus and force a draw by perpetual. Anand and Caruana played very solid, without any real thrilling moment, and went for a "quiet" draw. Topalov sacrificed a pawn in the opening, to give his pieces more mobility. Unfortunately for Veselin, Aronian was able to continue his development while defending the extra pawn. Out of the opening - showing that his level of form is not at its best - Topalov lost a second pawn, missing that his Queen was pinned by Aronian's rook. Levon's duty at that point was to keep the huge advantage of two pawns, and so he did, entering quite easily into a totally won endgame. A bad blow for Topalov, who is now at -2 after three rounds. The tournament is long, with 11 rounds to go, but Veselin will have to find somehow his best chess to try a come-back. With today's win, Aronian joins Anand and Karjakin on top of the standings, with 2 points. Half a point behind another trio with Giri, Caruana and Svidler. With 1 point Nakamura, and Topalov close the list with 0.5 points. tomorrow is the first rest day. Plays resumes Tuesday at 8AM EDT - 12 noon GMT or 13:00 CET.

Teacher's library (50) D16 Nakamura Svidler recap

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FIDE Candidates 2016 - Video Recap Round 3

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