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Champions’ Extraordinary Winning Ideas - Video 6 - Importance of the outpost

Opening: A56, B22, E11, B03, E62, D43: Benoni, Sicilian: Alapin, Bogo-Indian, Alekhine's Defense, King's Indian: Fianchetto, QGD Semi-Slav,

Player(s): Petrosian, Pilnik, Pap, Grbac, Karpov, Andersson, Ivanchuk, Carlsen, Polgar, Kasparv, Kortschnoj, Popovic

This is an essential strategical device, and if you know how to use it properly, it might be convenient and useful. We all know what outpost in chess means: stronghold, our strong point, fortified by pawn(s). Usually, it can't be attacked by the opponent's pawns, but sometimes even temporary outposts can be very useful in our chess endeavors. So, when our piece occupies an outpost, it can't be moved easily, and if exchanged, usually it brings new problems to our opponent (protected passed pawn or just passed pawn, clearance of some other vital squares, which then may be used for further operations, etc.

Teacher's library (107) A56 B22 E11 B03 E62 D43 Petrosian Pilnik Pap Grbac Karpov Andersson Ivanchuk Carlsen Polgar Kasparv Kortschnoj Popovic game analysis

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