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Play the Pap Attack! - 9…Nc6

Opening: C02: French: advanced variation

Player(s): Pap, Stanojevic, Simonyi, Topalov, Morozevich, Lie, Brynell, Nun, Schmittdiel

In the first three videos of this mini-series, we will have a theoretical part, and in the last 2, we will see some beautiful model games.
With his 9...Nc6 move, black tries to show that the Nbd2 move was not so good and that Nd2 is not a good piece. But, white is ready to go with Knight b3, and from b3 that Knight will control the crucial squares d4 and c5. Usually, later in the game, the Knight in b3 will jump to c5, and black will be under pressure. Also, white has two nice lines of play: he can go for the direct Bishop e3 move, get a tempo, or even try Bishop f4, overprotecting the pawn on e5, and getting ready for h4-h5, etc. Most people play Bishop e3, but even Bishop f4 is worth considering, which I show in video 5, in my game against Maric. In this Nc6 line, we have more pieces on the board, and more complex play, which in principle, should suit white because he sacrificed material. In many lines, black is under severe pressure, and it is not easy for him to finish his development without concessions.

Teacher's library (100) OFFICIAL COURSE 6 C02 Pap Stanojevic Simonyi Topalov Morozevich Lie Brynell Nun Schmittdiel opening

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