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FIDE Candidates 2016 - Video Recap Round 10

Opening: A29: English: four knights, kingside fianchetto

Player(s): Caruana, Anand

GM John Fedorowicz and GM Jon Speelman recap Round 10. There are a number of special days, such as father's day, mother's day, and even a Pi's day, for the math's freaks. Today in Moscow the eight gladiators celebrated the "c4" day. Three out of four games started with 1.c4, and in the fourth game, c4 was played at the third move. It was a big day, although only one game really stole all the attention of the many chess lovers who follow this amazing event. Giri collected his tenth draw, in an uneventful game against Karjakin. Svidler and Nakamura drew, doing little for either's tournament chances. Nakamura, in an interview after the game, said that this has been a rough event for him, and honestly called himself out of the competition for the final victory. Aronian-Topalov was a bit more interesting, but there were not intense moments, and it ended in a draw. the big game was Caruana-Anand. Caruana, conducting his army in an attack that will most likely make it in GM Larry Christiansen's weekly show, beat Anand to join Karjakin in the lead. Nothing is yet lost for the great Indian though, as he plays white against Karjakin tomorrow, and that will be one of the key-games of the whole event. Back to today, Fabiano is demonstrating all his will-power. After the epic battled he played with Giri in the last round, struggling for over 7 hours to stay alive, today the US number 1 unleashed a fantastic attack, with a piece-sac aimed at opening Anand's defense, posing serious problems for Vishy to solve. The Indian champion found a way to avoid getting checkmated, but then he played some imprecise moves, whereas Caruana was in full Komodo-style, precise and ruthless. A brilliant victory for Fabiano, which raises the hopes of all his fellow countrymen to see an American challenge Magnus Carlsen in New York, later this year. Tomorrow Round 11. Now every round is decisive, and it'll be a thrill to keep following the most important tournament of the year. Play starts at 8AM EDT, 12 noon GMT, 13:00 CET.

Teacher's library (32) A29 Caruana Anand

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FIDE Candidates 2016 - Video Recap Round 10

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