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Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Queen Endgames - Part 2

Opening: B13, B43, C06, C00:

Player(s): Nepomniachtchi, Anand, Tsoi, Kamsky, Sokolov, Lautier, Amin, Svane

Many players, from club level to 2600+ Grandmasters have irrational fear of queen endgames. No, they won't run away from the board as soon as such an ending appears, but they don't trust queen endgames as a path to convert advantage into a victory. Too many checks, too much uncertainty, and, yes, a higher probability of a game-changing blunder. The purpose of this series is to restore faith in queen endgames.
Video 2. As much as I hoped to avoid boring the viewer with the tedious Q+p vs Q endgames, some foray into that tablebase-owned territory is necessary. Tsoi-Kamsky and A.Sokolov-Lautier in Video Two provides a human-oriented look into this issue. Lining up the king against the defender's king, while keeping the queen centralized is the key to stopping the check. In Nepo-Anand, Vishy had a chance to go down that road, but, instead he made a wrong decision to give up his remote passer and keep the connected pawns on the g- and h-files. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a draw, confirmed by tablebases - see Amin-Svane for further info.

Teacher's library (627) B13 B43 C06 C00 Nepomniachtchi Anand Tsoi Kamsky Sokolov Lautier Amin Svane endgame

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