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Champions’ Extraordinary Winning Ideas - Video 5 - Steinitz King

Opening: C25, C56, C05, B22, B25: Vienna Game, Two knights defence, French: Tarrasch - closed variation, Sicilian: Alapin's variation, Sicilian: Closed

Player(s): Steinitz, Paulsen, Pap, Nestorovic, Pirrot, Ansell, Milosevic

Although I already showed famous king marches in video 3, this is a different story. How? Here we don't have king march, but Steinitz king means (at least to my understanding) that the king stays in the center on purpose. Also, sometimes you will see that a player might transfer that king to an artificial castle safety, but that happens not so often with this idea. So, the basic concept is that you keep your king in the center without castling on purpose (not because you are forced), in order to get some other strategical and/or tactical advantages in the position. Sometimes you do this because, for example, you might need your Rook on the h or g file for an attack, or just to save tempi. Anyway, I think that this strategic idea is fascinating, and of course, it doesn't appear too often, but sometimes it might bring you valuable points. Of course, it involves some risk, so don't do this if you are absolutely not sure that it works!

Teacher's library (107) C25 C56 C05 B22 B25 Steinitz Paulsen Pap Nestorovic Pirrot Ansell Milosevic game analysis

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