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Champions’ Extraordinary Winning Ideas - Video 4 - Queen Sacrifice

Opening: B35, E97, C21, A55, C10, E67, A45: Sicilian: accelerated fianchetto, King's Indian: orthodox, Center Game, Old Indian: Main line, French, King's Indian: fianchetto

Player(s): Nezhmetdinov, Cernikov, Ftacnik, Cvitan, Alekine, Supico, Averbakh, Kotov, Levitsky, Marshall, Ivanchuk, Jussupow, Sokolov

It sounds simple right? You sacrifice your Queen for a nice mating attack, for a beauty prize, but things are not that easy, as usual. A Queen sac could be used in various ways, not only in forced variations, which are the easiest. Sometimes, we might even get a chance to sacrifice our Queen for positional compensation and pressure. To successfully apply such a complex idea in a chess game, one needs a lot of knowledge, precise evaluation of the position, etc.    
  So, in this video, GM Misa shows some excellent ways to positional Queen sacrifice, but he couldn't resist to also present you a few famous examples of forcing Queen sacrifices, which lead to nice wins.
  Enjoy, and don't forget to use some of these ideas in your own games! Good luck!

Teacher's library (107) B35 E97 C21 A55 C10 E67 A45 Nezhmetdinov Cernikov Ftacnik Cvitan Alekine Supico Averbakh Kotov Levitsky Marshall Ivanchuk Jussupow Sokolov game analysis

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