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Ronen through Chess history: A decade of rivarly - Part 2

Opening: E17, C09, E04, C09: Queen's Indian: 4g3 Bb7 5Bg2 Be7, French Tarrasch: 3…c5 4exd5 exd5 5Ngf3 Nc6, Open Catalan: 5Nf3,

Player(s): Karpov, Korchnoi

New Show for our GM Ronen Har-Zvi! After years of investigating openings, Ronen moves on to present his fans with a brand new show. In these videos, GM Indiana-Jones will go through historical games, those which have made the history of our beloved Game. Chess history at your fingertips in ICC: historical background, stories, anecdotes, and even gossip!

In his new time-travel trip, GM Indiana-Jones takes us back in 1974, to talk about a rivarly that lasted almost a decade: Karpov vs. Kortchnoi. Ronen brings us into the Candidates match in 1974 (that became, as we all know, sort of a Championship Match, as Fischer didn't show up to play). Enjoy another great piece of Chess History!

Teacher's library (598) E17 C09 E04 C09 Karpov Korchnoi game analysis

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