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Sharpen your chess-sense with IM Watson! - Trompowsky Attack #2

Opening: A45: Trompowsky Attack

Player(s): Stefanove, Stellwagen, Nakamura, Lie, Nikolaev, Kopasov

IM John Watson, with his video course, help us build a strong and efficient repertoire of openings, for White and for Black. In this series John teaches us how to use the Trompovsky Attack. After 1.d4 Nf6, instead of playing the very common moves 2.c4 or 2.Nf3, White plays 2.Bg5, sidestepping the endless amount of openeing theory that has been written about the Indian Defences, such as the Queen's Indian, the Nimzo-Indian, the King's Indian, as well as the Grunfeld.

Study with John the interesting Tromposwky attack; make it part of your opening repertoire and use it as a weapon when you play your games! 

Teacher's library (266) A45 Stefanove Stellwagen Nakamura Lie Nikolaev Kopasov opening

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