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Learn How to Win with GM Boris! - Bishop Pair Advantage #5

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Bishop Pair advantage:  from simple tactics to mastering the endgame.
Most chess players know, thank to the study of master games, that two bishops are stronger than two knights or than bishop and knight. However, very few know the reasons of this advantage and how to turn it into account. There are many situations where pieces of similar stature perform differently.

The Bishop is a long-range piece and its advantage over the Knight is mostly seen in open and sometimes semi-open positions. In the endgame, the Bishop pair is particularly superior in positions with pawns on both sides of the board. Placed in the center of a board, a Bishop can simply cover more squares than a Knight. A Bishop may perform both attacking and defending functions, while being far away from a target. The main rule you always have to remember: the Bishop Pair is a serious advantage (especially in endgame). If you the bishop pair, try to open the position. And if your opponent has it, try to close the position.
GM Alterman's new series of lectures will help us study tactical combinations, middle game plans , endgame technique and ways to realize positional advantages thanks to the "Bishop Pair".

Don't miss this new and formative series by our GM Boris Alterman!



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