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GM Yermolinsky - What it takes to be a complete 1.d4 player - KID - Part 5

Opening: E71: King's Indian Makogonov System (5.h3)

Player(s): Yermolinsky, Murthy, Wongso

Now it is time to discuss traditional KID structures after Black plays e7-e5. Originally, the concept of immediately closing the center with d4-d5 goes back to the 1950's when some players, led by Tigran Petrosian and Yuri Averbakh, began to explore new ways of handling the KID. Leaving the king on g1 to be facing Black's murderous attack in the classical Mar del Plata variation was not to their liking and they didn't mind delaying castling, if not abandoning it whatsoever. The pioneer systems, Averbakh's Be2, Bg5 and Petrosian's d-d5 before the black knight goes to c6, proved to have the staying power to this day and age of computer revolution. The unnamed h3, Bg5 system is a derivative of these two. So, what White does largely depends on Black's choice of plans. I begin with showing some examples of the move h7-h6 impact on the safety of Black's kingside, which prompted Black to try a temporary piece sacrifice on e4, featured in Video #5. You can download the games in PGN format HERE

Teacher's library (718) E71 Yermolinsky Murthy Wongso opening

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