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GM Misa Pap - The Importance of Small Tactics in Endgames - Intro

Opening: D45, C83: QGD; Semi-Slav 5.e3, Ruy Lopez: Open - Classical Defence

Player(s): Kotov, Botvinnik, Lasker, Tarrasch

One of the critical signs of a strong chess player is his excellent endgame technique. But is that all about playing some "dry" moves, making almost no mistakes, or playing without "unforced errors"? I don't believe so. 
  Good endgame play, which is required of course to have good technique, is not only that. It is much more!
An excellent technique also means that you need to use "small" tactics when the position allows it or create and use those on purpose to maximize your winning chances or win in an optimal time frame (not too many moves).
  This series will present those positions from endgames, where "small" tactics appear, and when accurate calculation and essential decisions are made. It goes without saying that such moments can determine the difference between a whole point and a draw or between a draw and a lost game!
  So, please join GM Misa Pap on this new journey in this series, and let's discover some world-class "small" tactics in endgames.

Teacher's library (107) D45 C83 Kotov Botvinnik Lasker Tarrasch endgame

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