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Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Same Color Bishop Endings #1

Opening: :

Player(s): Tisdall, Yermolinsky, AlModiahki, Ehlvest

Former World Champion and legendary chess teacher Mikhail Botvinnik was the originator of the “Every Russian school boy knows” chess aphorism, which alluded to the fact that thousands of unknown schoolboys back in Russia - due to the intense training methods they received from a young age - likely knew more about the game than most professionals did in the West. One player who came through that legendary Soviet training camp is former U.S. Champion GM Alexander Yermolinsky.  And each Sunday in his show, “Every Russian Schoolboy Knows”, Alex will explain and expand on all the top tips and tricks gleaned from those famed training methods.

With this new series GM Yermolinsky, following the videos dedicated to the heroes of the FIDE candidates Tourney in London 2012, is back to the endgames studies. Through 3 of his own games, he shows how to maneuver in endgames where both players have Bishop of the same color. 'Yermo' has already had a series on this subject, but as he explains at the beginning of the video, there are unanswered questions:

should the distant passed pawn be supported by the king?
should your pawns ever go on the squares of the color of the bishops?
can you win 4 pawns against 3 on the same side of the board?

Every russian School boy should know that... calculation is the master word! Enjoy these new videos... And learn from watching!

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