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GM Larry Christiansen's "Attack with LarryC!"

April 20, 2019 

GM Larry Christiansen is a three-time U.S. Champion and one of the most dangerous and respected attacking players of his generation. He is a feared competitor and attacker who authored two popular books that showcase his aggressive style: Storming the Barricades and Rocking the Ramparts. Each week on the show, Larry will feature various attacking motifs and themes and showing you how best to play for mate.

Today's show is: More Championship blasts from the Past

GM Christiansen today continues his journey through blasting games from past world championship matches. In this episode Larry shows us two fantastic games: Tarrasch vs. Lasker 1908 and Bronsten vs. Botvinnik 1951. Two classics, to be enjoyed with Larry's usual amazing analysis! 




Learn How to win with GM Boris

  April 18, 2019 

Nowadays, everyone is super prepped up in openings, you might be too, and you're likely getting good positions out of them, but it's in the middle game where battles are decided. In this magnificent video series, GM Alterman (ELO 2611) carefully takes you through all the key aspects and secrets of middle game play.

The Art of Defense - Part 1




NM Dan Heisman's "Improve Your Chess IV"

April 16, 2019

National Master Dan Heisman is a name that is synonymous with excellence in chess coaching and teaching. Dan authors the award-winning Novice Nook column (winner of three Chess Journalists of America "Best Instruction" awards), aimed at improving adults, for that are clearly written and offer very practical advice and tips on how to improve your game. More info about Dan can be found here.

Amateur Mistakes: What are ALL the things that move does? #2


Coach Dan Heisman is back to help average players step up and raise their level of play. In this new series, Dan shows us the most common mistakes that, typically, an amateur makes during a chess game. Time management, wrong openings, outright blunders, and many more mistakes that can plague a chess game are tackled by Coach Heisman, with suggestions on how to avoid them. While the series is aimed at amateur players, Dan's advice can be useful for every chess player! 

Today's show: This video shows two games with the same errors in each game: asking "Why did he make that move?" instead of "What are ALL the things that move does?". Also features some sneaky pins





GM Yermolinsky's "Every Russian Schoolboy Knows"

April 14, 2019 

Former World Champion and legendary chess teacher Mikhail Botvinnik was the originator of the “Every Russian schoolboy knows” chess aphorism, which alluded to the fact that thousands of unknown schoolboys back in Russia - due to the intense training methods they received from a young age - likely knew more about the game than most professionals did in the West. 

One player who came through that legendary Soviet training camp is former U.S. Champion GM Alexander Yermolinsky.  And each Sunday in his hit show, “Every Russian Schoolboy Knows”, Alex will explain and expand on all the top tips and tricks gleaned from those famed training methods. 

Today's show is: PLayers profile: Artemiev - Part 2

As the year 2019 rolls along the hottest player on the circuit is the 21-year-old Russian Vladislav Artemiev. Known as a great talent in his junior years,Vladislav quickly developed into a fearsome rapid and blitz players, but it took him until 2019 to cross over into a 2700+ territory in classical chess. Once he'd done that there seems to be no stopping of his climb. His victory in the Gibraltar open was followed by a dominating performance in the World Team Championship (Grischuk referred to him as "our Chuck Norris"), and most recently the title of European Champion. Artemiev is already #3 in Russia with his 2754 of FIDE life rating list, ahead of Kramnik and Karjakin, and within striking distance of cracking World Top Ten. There's no way to tell how far Artemiev will go. How does he do that? This video series will open a window into the young star's chess, highlighting his skills in all aspects of the game. His opening repertoire is a blend of modern practical approach of hitting his opponents' weak spots with a sharp eye on tactical possibilities of exploiting his lead in development. Artemiev's handling of the middlegame combines his total lack of fear of complications with an ability to switch tracks in favor of technical solutions when necessary. Vladislav is blessed with a proper mindset for patient endgame play as well. A complete player as he is, Artemiev reminds me of the young Kramnik, with the way he wins games almost without effort. Old Vlad retired, long live New Vlad!



GM Joel's Chess Week Recap

April 8, 2019 

Three-time U.S. Champion GM Joel Benjamin brings you a new show every Saturday at 18:00 Server Time. Joel is regarded by many as one of the best commentators and analysts we have in the game today -- so if you want to get ahead of the game, get ready to tune in!

GM Joel Benjamin covers the first 7 rounds of the Gashimov Memorial and the Dubai Open




Tricks and Traps in the Opening - with IM Watson

July 27, 2018 

Tricks 'n Traps in the Opening
How many tricks and traps are there in the sea of opening theory? From the simplest ones to the more advanced, IM John Watson in this amazing video series shows you how to fool (or not be fooled by!) your opponent, who might not know the intricacies of an opening.
The course is organized by general opening, and in 15 videos our opening guru IM John Watson provides you with tools that will make your opponents exclam "How did this happen?".
This series is aimed at everyone, from the club player to the master. 
John shows, statistics at hand, that even simple tricks and traps have caught out of guard FMs, IMs and GMs, some of which rather famous! 
By watching this video series, you'll sharpen your tactical sense, 
understand better your favorite opening, and broaden your general knowledge about openings.
Tricks and traps are everywhere: IM Watson shows how once you've learned how a trap works, it can apply not only to the opening phase of the game but also in the middlegame and even in the endgame!
In other words, learn how to use your tricks in the opening, and you'll become a better player all-around.

English Opening





GM Ronen Har-Zvi's Opening Series

March 30, 2018 


With this series, GM Ronen guides us through the secrets of the Alapin Sicilian

The Alapin Sicilian - Part 6

For many players not having the time or inclination studying the never-ending labyrinth of mainline Sicilians, such as the Najdorf, Dragon, Taimanov and Sveshnikov, the Alapin with 1. e4 c5 2. c3 has proved to be a very popular alternative. It is named after the Russian master Semyon Alapin (1856-1923), and today it is one of the most solid and respected Anti-Sicilians, championed by many club players and leading grandmasters, such as Evgeny Sveshnikov, Eduardas Rozentalis and Sergey Tiviakov.