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Video Index (20)

GM David Smerdon’s Banter Blitz 2017-11-19
GM David Smerdon’s Banter Blitz 2017-10-29
FIDE World Championship 2016 - Game 2
Karjakin, Carlsen
C84 Ruy Lopez: closed defense
Bilbao Masters 2016 - Round 4 Video Recap
Carlsen, So
C65 Ruy Lopez: Berlin defense
London Chess Classic 2015 - Round 2 Recap
Nakamura, Vachier-Lagrave
A48 King's Indian: East Indian defense
Sinquefield Cup 2014 - Round 1
Vachier-Lagrave, Carlsen
C45 Scotch: Potter variation
Norway Chess 2014 - Round 5 GOTD
Carlsen, Aronian
Norway Chess 2014 - Round 4 GOTD
Karjakin vs. Grischuk
D86 Grunfeld
Gashimov Memorial - Round 2 GOTD
Carlsen, Nakamura
D12 QGD Slav
Tata Steel 2014 - Round 7 GOTD
Van Wely, Nakamura
B45 Sicilian
Sinquefield Cup Round 6
Nakamura, Kamsky,Aronian, Carlsen
World Cup 2013 - Finals Game 4
Andreikin, Kramnik
A36 English: ultra-symmetrical variation
FIDE GP Beijing 2013 - Round 4
Mamedyarov, Wang Hao, Morozevich, Gelfand
D10, D97 QGD Slav defense, Grünfeld: Russian, Prins variation
Tal Memorial 2013 - Round 3
Carlsen, Caruana
A05 Réti: King's Indian attack, Yugoslav variation
Norway Chess Tournament - Round 4
Aronian, Karjakin
E15 Queen's Indian: Nimzovich variation (exaggerated fianchetto)
Norway Chess Tournament - Round 2
Carlsen, Anand
B51 Sicilian: Canal-Sokolsky (Nimzovich-Rossolimo, Moscow)
Alekhine Memorial 2013 - Round 7
Anand, Fressinet
C45 Scotch: Potter variation
FIDE Candidates 2013 - GOTD - Round 12
Aronian, Kramnik
D42 QGD: Semi-Tarrasch, 7.Bd3
FIDE Candidates 2013 - GOTD - Round 9
Gelfand, Aronian
D37 QGD: classical variation (5.Bf4)
London Chess Classic 2012 - Game Of the Day - Round 2
Carlsen, Aronian
C77 Ruy Lopez: Anderssen variation