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Zvjaginsev Player index

Attack with LarryC: Spassky’s Drop-Kick, some spicy Jumabayev and a Zvag Bag
Sharafiev, Zvjaginsev
C03 French, Tarrasch
Attack with LarryC: Giri shows his attacking wizardry and More Pearls from the Aeroflot Open
Zvjaginsev, Wen, Giri, Bartel
A00, A13 Uncommon Opening, English opening
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: The Goldilocks Principle - Part 2
Yandemirov, Zvjaginsev
A04 Reti Opening
Game Of the Week: GM Fedoseev vs. GM Zvjaginsev
Fedoseev, Zvjaginsev
D00 Queen's pawn
Attack with LarryC: A Powerful Retreat
Zvjaginsev, Grigoriants, Nisipeanu, Reinderman