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Saric Player index

GM Yermo Teaches You Openings! - Sicilian: Richter-Rauser Attack - Part 8
Shirov, Kozul, Saric
B67 Sicilian: Ricther-Rauzer Attack
GM Misa Pap’s “Volga Benko Gambit” - Counterattack on the “f” file
Pap, Carnic, Saric, Jimenez, Ristic
A57, A59 Benko Gambit, Benko Gambit 1.d4 Cf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 b5 4.cxb5 a6 5.bxa6 Axa6 6.Cc3 d6 7.e4
GM Misa Pap’s “Make the Right Decisions in Critical Positions!” - Complex play
Pap, Saric, Zivanic
A57, A58 Benko Gambit, Benko Gambit accepted
Attack with LarryC: Attacking Nuggets from Tromso
Saric, Batchuluun, Sutovsky, Gundavaa
C12, B45 French: McCutcheon, Sicilian: Taimanov
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 66
Svane, Saric, Matlakov, Nabaty, Safarli, Ivanchuk, Caruana, Carlsen, Bluebaum, Vitiugov
E90, D37, C92, E61, D12
Tata Steel 2015 Round 11
So, Saric
C92 Ruy Lopez
Tata Steel 2015 Round 8
Ivanchuk, So, Ding Liren, Saric
C88, D11 Ruy Lopez, QGD Slav
Tata Steel 2015 Round 4
Jobava, Saric, Radjabov, Ding, Van Wely, Carlsen
D43, E90, E60 QGD semi-Slav, Kings Indian, King's Indian 3.Nf3
Tata Steel 2015 Round 2
Caruana, Saric
C92 Ruy Lopez: closed
Chess Olympiad 2014 - Round 10
Fressinet, Yu Yangyi, Ding Liren, Bacrot, Saric, Carlsen
A37, A62, C61 English: symmetrical variation, King's Indian: 3.g3, Ruy Lopez: Bird's defense