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Popov Player index

GM Yermolinsky - What it takes to be a complete 1.d4 player - KID - Part 2
Yermolinsky, Popovich, Del Campo
A65 Benoni with 6.e4
Champions’ Extraordinary Winning Ideas - Video 6 - Importance of the outpost
Petrosian, Pilnik, Pap, Grbac, Karpov, Andersson, Ivanchuk, Carlsen, Polgar, Kasparv, Kortschnoj, Popovic
A56, B22, E11, B03, E62, D43 Benoni, Sicilian: Alapin, Bogo-Indian, Alekhine's Defense, King's Indian: Fianchetto, QGD Semi-Slav,
GM Misa Pap’s “Make the Right Decisions in Critical Positions!” - Small advantages
Pap, Avram, Popovic
C43, B22 Philidor's Defence, Sicilian Alapin
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Rook and Knight vs. Rook - Part 1
Zhigalko, Kuzubov, Fedoseev, Popov, Yermolinsky, Ehlvest
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Minor Pieces Endings - Knigth vs. Bishop - Part 2
Zarkovic, Popovic, Kutsyj, Rybakov
B17, B22
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: The Goldilocks Principle - Part 1
Popov, Solozhenkin
B41 Sicilian: Kan variation
Game Of the Week: GM Wojtaszek vs. GM Popov
Wojtaszek, Popov
D11 QGD: Slav
Beyond the Opening: The Triangle Structure in the Semi-Slav #3
Popov, Skatchov, Taimanov, Trifunovic, Jussupov, Kenkin, Gelfand, Shabalov
Attack with LarryC: King in the Center gets Filed Away Part 2
Donchev, Nikolov, Popovic, Pavlovic, Fox, Bauer