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Movsesian Player index

GM Misa Pap - Strategic Planning in Chess - Vd15: 4 pawns clusters (Sicilian)
Pap, Arsovic, Shirov, Brodsky, Nepomniachtchi, Polgar J., Movsesian, Hou, Kamsky, Kramnik, Bologan, Dubov
B60, B66, B62 Sicilian: Richter-Rauzer, Sicilian: Richter–Rauzer - Rauzer Attack, 7...a6, Sicilian: Richter–Rauzer - 6...e6
GM Joel’s Need to Know Basics - Video 10
Boleslavsky, Geller, Movsesian, Kasparov, Lapshun, Golubev, Gipslis, Simagin
B76, B80, B77, B88 Sicilian: Dragon - Yugoslav Attack, Sicilian: Scheveningen, Sicilian: Fischer-Sozin Attack
Attack with LarryC: Premature Attack Invites Crushing Response
Movsesian, Wang Yue
A11 English - Caro-Kann defensive system
Game Of the Week: Movsesian vs. Liang - Reykjavik Open 2016
Movsesian, Liang
A22 English: Carls' Bremen system
Attack with LarryC: Sergei M Gins Up Attack to Leave Gordon Dry
Gordon, Movsesian
E32 NImzo-Indian
Ronen through Chess history: Chess Olympiad - Part 9
Movsesian, Almasi, Ivanchuk, Wang Hao, Aronian
C84, E52, E15 Ruy Lopez: closed, Nimzo-Indian: 4.e3, Queen's Indian
Chess Olympiad 2014 - Round 1
Kojima, Movsesian
E60 King's Indian: 3.Nf3
Sharpen your chess-sense with IM Watson! - Scandinavian #1
Movsesian, Papaioannou, Iordachescu, VanDerLaan, Liss, Afek
B01, B00, B01 Scandinavian (center counter) defense, KP: Nimzovich defense, Scandinavian defense
Chess Olympiad 2012 - Game Of the Day - Round 11
Movsesian, Almasi, Ivanchuk, Wang Hao, Karjakin, Fridman
C84 Ruy Lopez: closed defense
Chess Olympiad 2012 - Game Of the Day - Round 7
Movsesian, Wang Yue, Grishuk, Safarli, Ivanchuk, Vallejo Pons
A11 English: Caro-Kann defensive system
Attack with LarryC: Moro brilliantly builds attack against Movs but nearly stumbles at the finish
Morozevich, Movsesian