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Hracek Player index

FM Charles Storey’s “Positional Chess Skills” - Threempo!
Andersson, Sax, Hracek
A46, A33 Queen's pawn game, English - Symmetrical
GM Davorin Kuljasevic’s “Develop Your Counter-intuitive Thinking!” - Pawn Structure Decisions
Pridorozhni, Jakovenko, Kuljasevic, Froewis, Eljanov, Carlsen, Fressinet, Hracek, Berkes
C52, A07, A90, E16, D35 Evans Gambit, Reti: King's Indian attack (Barcza system), Dutch, Queen's Indian, QGD: 3.Nf6
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 159
Shabalov, Priehoda, Yermolinsky, Plaskett, Kaidanov, Hracek, Novikov, Meister, Goryachkina, Ju
D38, A17, A30, E16, D41 QGD: Ragozin, English, Queen's Indian, QGD: Semi-Tarrasch with 5.cxd5
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Players profile: Artemiev - Part 3
Artemiev, Esipenko, Hracek,
B14, D77
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Endgames by method #4
Yermolinsky, Kudrin, Carlsen, Hracek
Attack with LarryC: Attacking Chess at the European Championship
Rublevsky, Zude, Wojtaszek, Hracek