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Hernandez Player index

Attack with LarryC: LarryC Summer Clearance Semi-Finals
Ledger, Ternault, Penate, Hernandez
C18, B86
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 27
Shetty, Sevian, Hernandez, Brown, Perez, Avrukh, Belous, Harmon-Vellotti
A29, B12, D83, E11, A13
Game Of the Week: Gm Benjamin vs. GM Hernandez
Benjamin, Hernandez
E17 Queen's Indian
Beyond the Opening: Indian systems: Part 8
Paunovic, PiayGarcia, Ocampos, Hernandez
E92, E92 King's Indian: Petrosian system, King's Indian: Petrosian system, Stein variation
Attack with LarryC: Brilliant Attacks are not limited to just Grandmasters!
Hernandez, Pina, Christiansen, Krystall