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Gulko Player index

Sharpen your chess-sense with IM Watson! -  Repertoire for Black - The English Defense #4
Marchand, Gulko, Hager, Lempert, Partos Czebe
A40 English defense
Beyond the Opening: Restraint Structures #1
Gulko, Lakdawala, Miguel Illescas, Dominguez, Vigorito, Ippolito
Attack with LarryC: Kitchen Sink Sacs #1
Cesena, Dyke, Reichma Ullrich, Lewis, Dayton, Carlsen, Harestad, Siff, Kashdan, Hoi, Gulko
Attack with LarryC: Topalov: The greatest exchange sacrificer
Topalov, Gulko
Attack with LarryC: A not very well known masterpiece by the great Tal
Tal, Gulko
Attack with LarryC: Friedel’s Poisoned Rook game clinches GM title
Fridel, Gulko