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Evans Player index

Attack with LarryC: An Oscar for Kingside Story
Field, Tenner, Seidman, Reshevsky, Byrne, Evans, Barua, Ganguly
C58, B93, B97, B47 Two Knights, Sicilian: Najdorf, Sicilian: Taimanov
Attack with LarryC: Tal and the Spirit of Giving
Grefe, Evans, Tal, Stean
A10, B96 English Opening, Sicilian Najdorf
Attack with LarryC: Stein’s Salute with Two Shots of Ruy
Stein, Mecking, Evans
C98, C94 Ruy Lopez
Ronen through Chess history: US Championship - Part 5
Evans, Reshevsky, Kashdan,
E12, C45 Queen's Indian, Scotch Game
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Same Color Bishop Endings #2
Vaganian, Yermolinsky, Evans, Gonzales
Upholding the Sicilian: Smith-Morra Gambit 1
Smith, Evans
B21 Sicilian: Smith-Morra gambit
Attack with LarryC: Byrnt Offerings in the Poisoned Pawn
Byrne, Evans
Attack with LarryC: Larry Evans - 1932-2010 Made Technique Look Easy
Evans, Bisguier, Rogoff