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Dominguez Player index

Ronen’s Chess week - Episode 30
Caruana, So, Giri, Dominguez, Adams, Tabatabaei
E42, B20, C50 Nimzo-Indian 4.e3 c5 5.Ne2 (Rubinstein), Sicilian Defense, Italian Game
GM Alex Yermolinsky - Odds and Ends - Part 4
Karjakin, Gelfand, Dominguez, Caruana
A61, C78 Benoni Defence, Ruy Lopez: 5.0-0
GM Pia Cramling recaps the Semifinals of the 1st FIDE GP 2022
Dominguez, Nakamura, Aronian, Rapport
D20, D36 Queen's Gambit Accepted, QGD; Exchange - positional line - 6.Qc2
GM Yermolinsky - U.S. Championship preview - Part 1
Shankland, Caruana, So, Dominguez
E39, A20, B90 Nimzo-Indian: Classical - Pirc Variation, English Opening: 1...e5, Sicilian Najdorf
GM Yermolinsky -  The rise of Artemiev - Part 4
Artemiev, Vachier-Lagrave. Dominguez Perez
B12, B06, C55 Caro–Kann Defence, Robatsch (Modern) Defence, Two Knights Defence
GM Misa Pap - Strategic Planning in Chess - Vd14: 4 pawns clusters (Russian and Spanish)
Pap, Avram, Moeldner, Dominguez Perez, So, Adhiban, Nakamura
C42, C69 Petrov's Defence: including Marshall Trap, Ruy Lopez: Exchange Variation - 5.0-0
GM Miguel Illescas - Chess Strategy Lessons - Video 14
Illescas, Kasparov, Krasenkow, Dominguez, Gashimov,
B84, D85, D19, C42 Sicilian: Scheveningen, Grunfeld, QGD Slav: Dutch variation, Petrov Defense
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows - Endgame Lessons from the World Cup - 1
Ding, Firouzja, Dominguez, Wang
D37, C65
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 135
Ding, Firouzja, Giri, Xiong, Xu Xiangyu, Grischuk, Dominguez, Duda
D37, B08, D38, E05, C43, B12, B03
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 134
Lysyj, Xiong, Tabatabaei, Dominguez, Abasov, Nisipeanu, Nakamura, Nihal, Safarli, Xu, Inarkev, Korobov, Le
D27, D20, B30, E06, C95, E21, D02
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 133
Kasparov, Caruana, So, Topalov, Aronian, Nakamura, Dominguez, Svidler
N/A (Chess 960)
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 130
Dominguez, Carlsen, Mamedyarov, Caruana, Yu Yangyi, Vachier-Lagrave, Nepomniachtchi, Dreev, Artemiev, Tomashevsky, Jakovenko
B33, B20, D93, B90, D02, D76, B30
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 126
Karjakin, So, Giri, Grischuk, Vachier-Lagrave, Duda, Mamedyarov, Nepomniachtchi, Nisipeanu, Dominguez
D12, A29, E60, A13, C42, B12
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 124
Nepomniachtchi, Caruana, Ding Liren, Dominguez Perez, Postny, Gelfand, Smirin, Le Quang Liem, Xiong
B33, A20, C90, E97, B90
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 116
Adhiban, Albornoz Cabrera, Kamsky, Dominguez Perez, Murzin, Khismatullin, Benjamin, Garcia Palermo, Ehlvest, Petursson
D27, D02, B07, C77, B76
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 113
Shankland, Xiong, Caruana, Dominguez, Sevian, Gareyev, Foisor, Krush, Yu, Artemiev, Kulaots
C45, E05, C67, B62, B13, A30
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 109
Caruana, Harikrishna, Duda, Nakamura, Shankland, Navara, So, Rapport, Topalov, Dominguez
B47, C54, E16, C65, D41
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 87
Vavulin, Maghsoodloo, Thybo, Tabatabaei, Lobanov, Christiansen, Shankland, Vachier-Lagrave, Aronian, Dominguez
B90, A13, C11
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Exchange Sacrifice in the Endgame - Part 4
Akesson, Volkov, Caruana, Dominguez, Katz, Klemm
D10, B90, B25
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 46
Caruana, Grischuk, So, Topalov, Nakamura, Dominguez Perez
D42, C42, B12, D37
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Not only Wei Yi. Strong Chinese GMs charge the top spots - Part 1
Yu Yiangyi, Andreikin, Dominguez Perez
C65, E10 Ruy Lopez: Berlin defense, Queen's Pawn Game
4th FIDE GP 2015 - Round 6
Gelfand, Dominguez, Caruana, Grischuk
D37, E11 QGD: 4.Nf3, Bogo-Indian defense
4th FIDE GP 2015 - Round 2
Dominguez, Jakovenko
D43 QGD semi-Slav
FIDE GP Baku 2014 - Round 11
Grischuk, Dominguez
B90 Sicilian: Najdorf
FIDE GP Baku 2014 - Round 10
ùdominguez, Caruana
A36 English: ultra-symmetrical variation
FIDE GP Baku 2014 - Round 8
Dominguez, Svidler
C84 Ruy Lopez: Closed defense
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: A complicated endgame from the European Club Cup
Dominguez, Rodshtein
Tata Steel 2014 - Round 10 GOTD
Aronian, Dominguez
C84 Ruy Lopez: closed defense
Tata Steel 2014 - Round 8 GOTD
So, Dominguez
C42 Petrov: Nimzovich attack
Tata Steel 2014 - Round 5 GOTD
Rapport, Dominguez
A34 English: symmetrical variation
Halloween Special with GM ronen Har-Zvi!
Radjabov, Carlsen, Aronian, Kramnik, Tomashevsky, So, Nakamura, Wang Hao, Anand, Andreikin, Ivanchuk, Dominguez, Mamedyarov
FIDE Grand Prix Paris 2013 - Round 11
Dominguez, Caruana, Giri, Nakamura, Tomashevsky, Ivanchuk
B48, C67, D11
FIDE Grand Prix Paris 2013 - Round 4
Dominguez, Giri, Fressinet, Ivanchuk, Grischuk, Caruana
C78, E60, E14 Ruy Lopez: 5.O-O, King's Indian, 3.Nf3, Queen's Indian: 4.e3
FIDE Grand Prix Paris 2013 - Round 3
Nakamura, Bacrot, Caruana, Fressinet, Gelfand, Dominguez
D31, C88, D37 Vienna Game: Alternatives to 2...Nf6, Ruy Lopez: closed, anti-Marshall 8.a4, QGD: 4.Nf3
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 11
Bacrot, Ivanchuk, Nakamura, Svidler, Caruana, Kamsky, Dominguez, Topalov
D85, A10, C88, B48
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 10
Kamsky, Morozevich, Grischuk, Dominguez, Topalov, Caruana
C96, D70, C78 Ruy Lopez: closed (10...c5), Neo-Grünfeld defense, Ruy Lopez: 5.O-O
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 9
Bacrot, Kamsky, Caruana, Dominguez
D15, B90, C84 QGD Slav: 4.Nc3, Sicilian: Najdorf, Ruy Lopez: closed defense
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 8
Kamsky, Nakamura, Topalov, Bacrot, Dominguez, Morozevich
C03, C65 French: Tarrasch, Ruy Lopez: Berlin defense
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 7
Ponomariov, Ivanchuk, Caruana, Bacrot, Grischuk, Morozevich, Topalov, Kasimdzhanov, Kamsky, Svidler, Dominguez, Nakamura
A39, D20, A88, A30, B92, E11
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 6
Ponomariov, Ivanchuk, Caruana, Bacrot, Grischuk, Morozevich, Topalov, Kasimdzhanov, Kamsky, Svidler, Dominguez, Nakamura
C05, C45, C77, C84, A22, B01
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 5
Kazimdzhanov, Dominguez, Bacrot, Morozevich, Svidler, Topalov
E11, D90, D37 Bogo-Indian defense, Grünfeld: Flohr variation, QGD: classical variation (5.Bf4)
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 1
Kamsky, Dominguez, Kazimdzhanov, Nakamura, Svidler, Bacrot
B90, A56, D35 Sicilian: Najdorf, Benoni defense, QGD: exchange variation
FIDE Grand Prix London 2012 - Game Of the Day - Round 6
Topalov, Dominguez
D11 QGD Slav
Game Of the Week: Vassily Ivanchuk (GM) Leinier Dominguez Perez (GM)
Vassily Ivanchuk (GM), Leinier Dominguez Perez (GM)
B52 Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky Attack, 3...Bd7
Beyond the Opening: The Triangle Structure in the Semi-Slav #4
GrandaZunica, Dominguez, Gravaiev, Mikalchichin, Notkin, Makarov, Avrukh
Beyond the Opening: Restraint Structures #1
Gulko, Lakdawala, Miguel Illescas, Dominguez, Vigorito, Ippolito