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Bacrot Player index

Ronen’s Chess week - Episode 18
Aravindh, Anand, Praggnanandhaa, Bacrot, Kramnik, Gukesh, Sadhwani, Rapport, Nihal, Aronian, Nepomniachtchi, Aronian
D20, D02, B85, E32, A12, C34 Queen's Gambit Accepted, Queen's Pawn Game - 2.Nf3, Sicilian: Scheveningen, Nimzo-Indian, English, King's Gambit Accepted
GM Davorin Kuljasevic - The Importance of Modern Middlegame Tabiyas - Video 7
Anton Guijarro, Harikrishna, Ding, Topalov, Bacrot, Korobov, Visakh, Hossain, Vidit, Sethuraman
D45 QGD; Semi-Slav 5.e3
GM Petrov’s Attacking Ideas in the Openings - Video 5: KID for White
Krasenkow, Fedorov, Bacrot, Iwanow
E90, E70 King's Indian: 5.Nf3, King's Indian: 4.e4
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows - Bishop vs. Pawns - Part 4
Timman, Mestel, Short, Yermolinsky, Istratescu, Bauer, Kulaots, Bacrot, Nisipeanu, Zhao, Kortschnoj, Karpov
B76, B66, C08, C92, C43, E42
Sharpen your chess-sense with IM Watson! - Queen’s Gambit Declined #6
Bacrot, Chatalbashev
D02 Queen Gambit Declined
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 90
Caruana, Mamedyarov, Duda, Nepomniachtchi, Bacrot,
C83, A28, A13
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Typical mistakes in early middlegame - Part 1
Aronian, Rapport, Nakamura, Bacrot
E18, A07
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 37
Amin, Paichadze, Salem, Short, Gagare, Bauer, Bacrot
B18, C50, E39, D31
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 34
Hou Yifan, Navara, Studer, Bacrot, Yu Yangyi
E06, B90, C65
Attack with LarryC! A Visit to the Etienne Machine
Bacrot, Romain
D27 Queen's Gambit Accepted
Game Of the Week: Bacrot vs. Tari - Gibraltar Masters 2016
Bacrot, Tari
B11 Caro-Kann: two knights variation
Attack with LarryC: Stock Sacs on g5
Spassky, Genin, Bacrot, Burnier, Kacheishvili, Nezad, Artemiev, Motylev
C78, C50 Ruy Lopez, Giuoco Piano
Grenke Classic 2015 Round 7
Carlsen, Bacrot
A48 King's Indian: Torre attack
Grenke Classic 2015 Round 1
Adams, Naiditsch, Aronian, Carlsen, Bacrot, Baramidze
C07, D36, D70 French: Tarrasch, QGD, Neo-Grunfeld defense
Sharpen your chess-sense with IM Watson! - Slav Defense #4
Bacrot, Ivanchuk, Wang Hao, Ni Hua, Gajewski, Kempinski
D11 Slav Defense
Chess Olympiad 2014 - Round 10
Fressinet, Yu Yangyi, Ding Liren, Bacrot, Saric, Carlsen
A37, A62, C61 English: symmetrical variation, King's Indian: 3.g3, Ruy Lopez: Bird's defense
Chess Olympiad 2014 - Round 8
Gajewski, Bacrot, Kramnik, Vallejo, Eljanov, Iotov
E97, D37, D11 King's Indian: bayonet attack, QGD: 4.Nf3, QGD Slav: 4.e3
FIDE Grand Prix Paris 2013 - Round 5
Ivanchuk, Grischuk, Giri, Bacrot
D83, A05 Grünfeld: Grünfeld gambit, Capablanca variation, English opening
FIDE Grand Prix Paris 2013 - Round 3
Nakamura, Bacrot, Caruana, Fressinet, Gelfand, Dominguez
D31, C88, D37 Vienna Game: Alternatives to 2...Nf6, Ruy Lopez: closed, anti-Marshall 8.a4, QGD: 4.Nf3
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 11
Bacrot, Ivanchuk, Nakamura, Svidler, Caruana, Kamsky, Dominguez, Topalov
D85, A10, C88, B48
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 9
Bacrot, Kamsky, Caruana, Dominguez
D15, B90, C84 QGD Slav: 4.Nc3, Sicilian: Najdorf, Ruy Lopez: closed defense
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 8
Kamsky, Nakamura, Topalov, Bacrot, Dominguez, Morozevich
C03, C65 French: Tarrasch, Ruy Lopez: Berlin defense
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 7
Ponomariov, Ivanchuk, Caruana, Bacrot, Grischuk, Morozevich, Topalov, Kasimdzhanov, Kamsky, Svidler, Dominguez, Nakamura
A39, D20, A88, A30, B92, E11
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 6
Ponomariov, Ivanchuk, Caruana, Bacrot, Grischuk, Morozevich, Topalov, Kasimdzhanov, Kamsky, Svidler, Dominguez, Nakamura
C05, C45, C77, C84, A22, B01
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 5
Kazimdzhanov, Dominguez, Bacrot, Morozevich, Svidler, Topalov
E11, D90, D37 Bogo-Indian defense, Grünfeld: Flohr variation, QGD: classical variation (5.Bf4)
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 1
Kamsky, Dominguez, Kazimdzhanov, Nakamura, Svidler, Bacrot
B90, A56, D35 Sicilian: Najdorf, Benoni defense, QGD: exchange variation
Game Of the Week: GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave vs. GM Etienne Bacrot
Vachier-Lagrave, Bacrot
A13 English opening
Game of the Week: GM Etienne Bacrot vs. GM Alexandr Fier
Etienne Bacrot(GM), Alexandr Fier (GM)
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Episode 21 Opposite Color Bishop Endgame #4
Aronian, Bacrot
Attack with LarryC: No margin for Error
Bacrot, Leko