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D70 ECO index

Attack with LarryC: Chucky Fracks Field in Edmonton
Ivanchuk, Shankland, Panjwani
A30, D70 English, Grunfeld
Attack with LarryC: More Gems from the Rock
Tari, Gulamali, Jones, Goryachkina
A13, D70 English: Neo-Catalan accepted, Neo-Grunfeld defense
Game Of the Week: Carlsen vs. Li Chao - Qatar Masters Open
Carlsen, Li
D70 Neo-Grunfeld defense
Grenke Classic 2015 Round 1
Adams, Naiditsch, Aronian, Carlsen, Bacrot, Baramidze
C07, D36, D70 French: Tarrasch, QGD, Neo-Grunfeld defense
FIDE GP Baku 2014 - Round 6
Caruana, Svilder, Grischuk, Radjabov
D70, A05 Neo-Grunfeld Defense, Reti: King's Indian Attack
Game Of the Week: GM shankland vs. GM Ftacnik
Shankland, Ftacnik
D70 Neo-Gruenfeld defence
FIDE Grand Prix Paris 2013 - Round 7
Nakamura, Caruana, Gelfand, Grishuk
D70, A40 Neo-Grünfeld defense, Queen's pawn: Franco-Indian (Keres) defense
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 10
Kamsky, Morozevich, Grischuk, Dominguez, Topalov, Caruana
C96, D70, C78 Ruy Lopez: closed (10...c5), Neo-Grünfeld defense, Ruy Lopez: 5.O-O
Improve your Chess: 20-minute exercise #5
Kislik, So
D70 Neo-Grünfeld defense
Zurich Challenge 2013 - Highlights - Round 2
Kramnik, Anand, Gelfand, Caruana
A07, D70 Réti: King's Indian attack (Barcza system), Neo-Grünfeld defense
London Chess Classic 2012 - Game Of the Day - Round 5
Jones, Anand, Kramnik, McShane
D70, D15 Neo-Grünfeld defense, QGD Slav: 4.Nc3
Opening Survey: Openings from the World Championship Matches - Part 5
Anand, Gelfand
D70 Neo-Grünfeld
Game of the Week: Zhao Xue (GM) vs. Kateryna Lahno (GM)
Zhao Xue (GM), Kateryna Lahno (GM)
D70 Neo-Grünfeld Defence