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C96 ECO index

GM Joel’s Need to Know Basics - Video 12
Fischer, Keres, Bisguier, Ariel, Benjamin, London
C96, C98, A12, E94 Ruy Lopez: Closed, Ruy Lopez: Closed - Chigorin Defence, English with b3 (1 c4 c6 2 Nf3 d5 3 b3), King's Indian: Orthodox
Alterman’s Gambit Guide: Gajewsky Gambit - Part 2
C96 Ruy Lopez: closed (9...Na5)
Alterman’s Gambit Guide: Gajewsky Gambit - Part 1
C96 Ruy Lopez: closed (9...Na5)
Attack with LarryC: Karjakin the Scientific Attacker Part 2
Karjakin, Short, Frolyanov
C42, C96 Petrov's Defence, Ruy Lopez: closed
FIDE GP Thessaloniki - Round 10
Kamsky, Morozevich, Grischuk, Dominguez, Topalov, Caruana
C96, D70, C78 Ruy Lopez: closed (10...c5), Neo-Grünfeld defense, Ruy Lopez: 5.O-O