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C55 ECO index

Ronen’s Chess week - Episode 34
Dubov, Nepomniachtchi, Caruana, Vachier-Lagrave, Carlsen, Yu, Sarana, Vokhidov, Erigaisi
C55, C42, B33, B92, B44, B22 Two Knights Defence, Petrov's Defence, Sicilian: Sveshnikov, Sicilian: Najdorf, Sicilian: Szén Variation (5.Nb5), Sicilian, Alap
GM Alex Yermolinsky - Odds and Ends - Part 9
Kramnik, Gelfand, Nepomniachtchi, Dubov, Caruana, Gledura
B40, C55, B42 Sicilian Defence: 2.Nf3 e6, Two Knights Defence, Sicilian Kan: 5.Bd3
Ronen’s Chess week - Episode 22
Sevian, Niemann, Xiong, Caruana, Mishra, Tang
E05, E32, C55 Catalan Open Classical line, Nimzo-Indian: Classical Variation (4.Qc2), Two Knights Defence
Ronen’s Chess week - Episode 15
Pragg, Caruana, Abasov, Carlsen, Gukesh, Salimova, Muzychuk, Vidit
C55, A45, B30, D27 Two Knights Defence, Queen's Pawn Game - Trompowsky Attack, Sicilian Defence 2.Nf3 Nc6, QGA; Classical Variation
Ronen’s Chess week - Episode 5
Kosteniuk, Koneru, Caruana, Carlsen
C55, C11 Two Knights Defense: Modern Bishop's Opening, French Defense: Steinitz Boleslavsky Variation
World Chess Championship Match 2021 - Game 11
Nepomniachtchi, Carlsen
C55 Giuoco Piano
GM Yermolinsky - U.S. Championships - Part 2
Bruzon, Sevian, So, Naroditsky
A13, C55 English Opening: 1...e6 (without: 2.e4 - 2.d4), Two Knights Defence
GM Yermolinsky -  The rise of Artemiev - Part 4
Artemiev, Vachier-Lagrave. Dominguez Perez
B12, B06, C55 Caro–Kann Defence, Robatsch (Modern) Defence, Two Knights Defence
Champions’ Extraordinary Winning Ideas - Video 1 - Lasker Rooks
Pap, Indjic, Karjakin, Gelfand, Lajthajm, Lasker, Marshall
C02, C55, A58, C42 French: Advance variation, Two Knights Defense, Benko Gambit, Petrov Defense
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows - Deadly Dubov at the Lindores Abbey - Part 2
Dubov, Karjakin
C55, B01, D37 Two knights defence: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6, Scandinavian (centre counter) defence: 1. e4 d5, Queen's Gambit Declined
GM Misa Pap’s “Make the Right Decisions in Critical Positions!” - Attack and Defend
Pap, Poetsch, Nestorovic
B33, C55
Attack with LarryC: More Nuggets from the Rock 2014
Al Sayed, Ganguly, Othman, Veltkamp
D90, C55 Grunfeld, Two Knights Defense
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 53
Carlsen, Inrkiev, Nepomnischtchi, Anand, Fedoseev, Karjakin, Esipenko, McShane, Wang Hao
B20, A04, E53, A09, B11, B40, C55
Improve Your Chess: Exciting Opening and Endgame
C55 Sicilian Defense - Scotch Gambit
US Championship 2015 - Round 11
Onischuk, Nakamura
C55 Scotch gambit
Alterman’s Gambit Guide: Max Lange Attack #2
C55 Max Lange Attack
Alterman’s Gambit Guide: Max Lange Attack #1
C55 Max Lange Attack
Attack with LarryC: Attacking Themes Past and Present
Morphy, Petrosian, Kortchnoi, Rybka, Shredder
C55, A31, C67 Two knights defense, Perreux variation, English: symmetrical, Benoni formation, Ruy Lopez: Berlin defense, open variation