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C47 ECO index

GM Misa Pap - Best Championship Matches - 1. 1886 - Steinitz vs. Zukertort
Steinitz, Zukertort
D11, C47, D10, C67, E57, D26, C49, D35, C65, C25, D60 QGD: Slav Defence, 3.Nf3, Four Knights Game, QGD; Slav Defence, Ruy Lopez: Berlin Defence Open Variation, Nimzo-Indian, QGA
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 117
Gonzalez Vidal, Sevian, Ivanchuk, Adhiban, Hillarp Persson, Jones, Nihal, Maghsoodloo, Nepomniachtchi, Carlsen
C47, A42, A36, C54, B32
Improve Your Chess:Pieces Sacrifice in the Opening - Part 9
C47 Four Knights Opening, Halloween Gambit
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 92
Carlsen, Ding, Svidler, Wang. Potkin, Antipov, Vuckovic, Dreev, Robson
C47, B15, A29, D31, B92
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 73
Shankland, Bacallao, Rakhmanov, Piorun, Duda, Tan Zhongyi, Ju Wenjun
B12, A13, C47, C24
Improve Your Chess: One Bad Piece…
C47 Giuoco Pianissimo
Alterman’s Gambit Guide: Belgrade Gambit Part 2
C47 Four knights: Belgrade gambit
Alterman’s Gambit Guide: Belgrade Gambit Part 1
C47 Four knights: Belgrade gambit
US Championship 2015 - Round 10
Robson, Nakamura
C47 Four Knights: Scotch 4...exd4
GRENKE 2013 - Highlights - Round 1
Adams, Anand, Naiditsch, Fridman, Caruana, Meier
C65, C47, C10 Ruy Lopez: Berlin defense, Four knights: Scotch, 4...exd4, French: Rubinstein variation
Game OF the Week: GM Anna Muzychuk vs GM Tatiana Kosintseva
Muzychuk, Kosintseva
C47 Scotch Four Knights with 4.g3
Improve your Chess: Wacky, Complicated Game
C47 Four knights: Scotch, 4...exd4
Improve Your Chess: Another Quickly, Badly Played Endgame
C47 Four knights game