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C13 ECO index

GM Petrov’s New Strategies in the Middlegame - Vd8: Play against Doubled Pawns
Plachetka, Jussupow, Smyslov, Stahlberg
A07, C13 RĂ©ti Opening: King's Indian Attack (Barcza System) 1...d5 2.g3, French Classical
GM Joel’s Chess Week Recap - Episode 145
Carlsen, Anand, Ding, Vidit, Nakamura, Salgado, Shirov, Adams, Harvey
D02, A90, D37, D44, C13
Attack with LarryC: Drago Unleashed and the Shilong and Short of it
Short, Shilong, Velimirovic, Fridjonsson
C13, B89 French, Sicilian
Alterman’s Gambit Guide:  Chatard-Alekhine Attack part 2
C13 Albin-Alekhine-Chatard attack
Alterman’s Gambit Guide:  Chatard-Alekhine Attack part 1
C13 Albin-Alekhine-Chatard attack