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B85 ECO index

GM Petrov’s New Strategies in the Middlegame - Vd1: Sicilian Structures
B85 Sicilian Scheveningen Classical Variation with ...Qc7 and ...Nc6
GM Misa Pap - Best Championship Matches - 9. 1995 - Kasparov vs. Anand
Kasparov, Anand
B85, E34, C80, B78 Sicilian: Scheveningen - Classical Variation with ...Qc7 and ...Nc6, Nimzo-Indian: Classical, Ruy Lopez Tarrasch
GM Joel’s Need to Know Basics - Video 13
Osnon, Dzindzichashvili, Wippermann, Khenkin, Dautov, Luther, Bonin, Kurniawan, Petrenko, Ghinda, Bareev, Polgar
A17, B03, A70, C09, B85, E73 English, Alekhine's Defense, Benoni: classical, French: Tarrasch open variation - main line, Sicilian: Scheveningen, KI
Attack with LarryC: Ladies Second!
Lutz, Tratar, Larsen, Najdorf
B85, A01 Sicilian: Scheveningen, Nimzovich-Larsen Attack
Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Revolution Revisited - Part 5
Carlsen, Anand, Zherebukh, Belous, Morozevich, Grachev
B85 Sicilian - Classical Scheveningen
Ronen through Chess history: US Championship - Part 4
Rachels, Browne, Kudrin
B85, B70 Sicilian: Scheveningen, Sicilian: Dragon Variation
Ronen through Chess history: PCA 1995: Anand vs. Kasparov Part 1
Anand, Kasparov
B85, B85 Sicilian Scheveningen: 6 Be2 a6, lines with or without early Be3