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News and Events

11th Mumbai Mayor’s International Chess Tournament 2018

Added on 06.13.2018

Tajikistan’s Farrukh lifts the 11th Mumbai Mayor’s Cup [From Left to Right]  GM Amonatov Farrukh , A Category Winner, Vithhal Madhav, Secretary, Mumbai Suburban District Chess Federation, Ravindra Dongre, Organising Secretary, Bharatsingh Chauhan, Secretary, All India Chess Federation, V Anantharaman , Chief Arbiter and Nagesh G (in white), Treasurer, Mumbai City Chess Association at the Prize distribution ceremony of the  11th Mumbai Mayor’s International Chess Tournament 2018, Sponsored by...Full Story

14th EDAMI Scholastic Tournament

Added on 06.07.2018

Saturday, June the 2nd, in Barcelona, Spain, 270 kids crossed their pieces over the board for the XIV edition of the EDAMI scholastic chess tournament. It's been a success, with the famous GM Miguel Illescas - EDAMI's director - there to cheer up the kids and give them the prizes. The playing hall   GM Miguel Illescas ICC was there! The Internet Chess Club, in its continued involvement with scholastic chess, contributed with one-year free accounts to all the children. The young...Full Story

GM Joel recaps Altibox Norway Chess Tournament first six rounds

Added on 06.04.2018

GM Joel Benjamin There’s a lot of action in the chess world this week.  I’ll visit the French League Top 12, and the prestigious Karpov Poikovsky Cup.  But I’ll start with the feature event, Altibox Norway Chess. Norway started with Magnus Carlsen getting the better of one American rival, Fabiano Caruana, and has just seen a stars and stripes revenge with Wesley So taking down Carlsen to grab a share of the lead.   The players have played uneven numbers of games, and some of them won’t...Full Story

Live Events on ICC June 2018 Calendar

Added on 06.01.2018

        "Here is the June 2018 schedule for ICC TV! Join us this month and become a star on ICC and YouTube!"    - GM Joel Benjamin   06/02 Saturday 2PM IM Christof Sielecki SimulMaster! 06/08 Friday 12PM GM Alex Yermolinsky GM Yermo recaps the Norway Chess Tournament 2018 06/10 Sunday 7PM GM David Smerdon Banter Blitz 06/15 Friday 4PM GM Ronen...Full Story

GM Joel recaps the Capablanca Memorial and the Women World Chess Championship

Added on 05.21.2018

GM Joel Benjamin This week I have the conclusion of the Women’s World Championship, the Polish Championship, and our feature event, the Capablanca Memorial from Havana Cuba. The great Capablanca The traditional Capablanca Memorial was a six-player event, like the recently completely Sigeman tournament, but more challenging for the players with a double round-robin format. This proved especially favorable for Sam Shankland, who torched the field with 4/5 in the second leg.  Sam’s 7.5/10 total...Full Story

GM Joel wraps up the Russian Team Championship and recaps the Women Championship match

Added on 05.15.2018

GM Joel Benjamin This week I’ll wrap up the Russian Team Championship, give the lowdown on the Sigeman tournament, and check in on the Women’s World Championship. The Russian Team title was not decided until the last round, when the Bronze Horsemen of St. Petersburg took a lead into the last round over Legacy Square Capital of Moscow.  Legacy took on the tailenders and duly crushed Zhiguli Samara by a near maximum score.  The pressure was on Miedny Vsadnik to defeat the underachieving but...Full Story

Live Events on ICCTV May 2018 Calendar

Added on 05.01.2018

        "Here is the May 2018 schedule for ICC TV! Join us this month and become a star on ICC and YouTube!"    - GM Alex Yermolinsky   05/03 Thursday 3PM GM Alex Yermolinsky Every Russian Schoolboy knows LIVE! 05/12 Saturday 2PM IM Christof Sielecki SimulMaster! 05/13 Sunday 7PM GM David Smerdon Banter Blitz 05/17 Thursday 3PM GM Alex...Full Story

2018 U.S. Championships

Added on 04.17.2018

Round 11 It's a S(l)am Dunk! With a whopping +6 (+6=5-0) Sam Shankland is the 2018 US Chess Champion. In the last round, both Sam and Fabiano won. It's quite remarkable that Caruana, with a massive +5, got second place. Shankland played a convincing game against the youngest GM of the tournament, Awonder Liang, to secure the title,m no matter Caruana's result. Sam showed to be totally focused on the game, and with a somewhat killer-like attitude, he went on to destroy Liang. These are a...Full Story

GM Joel recaps the Dubai Open and the Sharjah Masters, in the UAE. And a final word on the GRENKE Classic.

Added on 04.16.2018

This week I’ll have a final tidbit from the GRENKE Masters, as well as a couple of major open tournaments from a country that might surprise you. I watched Alex Yermolinsky’s GRENKE video recap to see if he was covering what I might include in some final thoughts, and I saw he spoke at length about Hou Yifan’s missed endgame opportunity against Caruana, as well as Fabi’s last round win over Vitiugov.  BTW, I found Yermo’s insights, not only about hard chess but about players and approaches to...Full Story

GM Joel recaps the GRENKE Open and Classic

Added on 04.09.2018

This week we will focus on the GRENKE Chess Classic from Germany, but first, we will take note of a major surprise in the strong open tournament which concluded last week. Many big names took part, but first place went to the unheralded 13-year-old German IM Vincent Keymer.  Keymer’s 8-1 score had many fans remembering Sofia Polgar’s “Sack of Rome, where she notched a 2900 performance rating at age 14 nearly thirty years ago.  Keymer beat several grandmasters and went into the last round tied...Full Story

Tricks and Traps everywhere!

Added on 04.06.2018

IM John Watson John's back! After some months of hiatus, IM John Watson is back, with a new, fantastic videos series for ICC's members! Tricks 'n Traps in the Opening. How many tricks and traps are there in the sea of opening theory? From the simplest ones to the more advanced, IM John Watson in this amazing video series shows you how to fool (or not be fooled by!) your opponent, who might not know the intricacies of an opening. The course is organized by general opening, and in 15 videos...Full Story

GM Joel recaps the European Individual Championship and the first rounds of the GRENKE Classic

Added on 04.02.2018

This week we wrap up the European Individual Championship and get started on the GRENKE Chess Classic. GM Ivan Saric Ivan Saric took clear first in the European Individual Championship by winning his last two games to finish on 8.5/11.  The last round is often played conservatively by those who want to ensure qualification into the World Cup—23 spots were given out in Batumi.  Saric defeated David Navara in the last round but started to make his move in the previous round against Rasmus...Full Story

Live Events on ICCTV April 2018 Calendar

Added on 04.01.2018

        "Here is the April 2018 schedule for ICC TV! Join us this month and become a star on ICC and YouTube!"    - GM David Smerdon   04/05 Thursday 3PM GM Alex Yermolinsky Grenke Chess Classic Highlights 04/07 Saturday 4PM GM Ronen Har-Zvi Time Odds! 04/10 Tuesday 3PM GM Alex Yermolinsky Grenke Chess Classic - Live recap 04/14 Saturday 2PM IM...Full Story

Chess and Pi

Added on 03.29.2018

  Deep in the Mind of the Spirit Divine The idea for what we call chess was conceived It soon came to birth manifested on earth The design for which had been decided on high It would be based on the unending circle At best "Chess is an expression of Pi" One might conclude that I have no right to speak with such certainty on this matter, but I would attempt to justify myself by revealing the foundation on which chess is built upon. I'll begin by stating my case upon a formula that came...Full Story

Candidates 2018

Added on 03.22.2018

CARUANA! Fabiano Caruana, the American super-GM with an Italian name, is the Challenger to the Chess Throne. After a rollercoaster 14-round tournament, Fabiano emerged victorious, clear first a full point ahead of his immediate rivals, Mamedyarov and Karjakin. From Brooklin to Miami, then Europe to find coaches, and tournaments to play in, then back to the US, to represent his homeland. And now to London, to challenge Magnus Carlsen, arguably the strongest player of the last decade.  The...Full Story

GM Joel recaps the Reykjavik Open and the Saint Louis Spring Internationals

Added on 03.19.2018

As the Candidates tournament rolls along, the action doesn’t stop in major tournaments around the World.  This week I have news and action from two completed events, The Reykjavik Open and the Saint Louis Spring Internationals. Baskaran Adhiban got off to a slow start with draws against lower-rated players in rounds one and three, but then reeled off five wins in a row en route to 7.5/9 and clear first place.  The key victory came—as it so often does—in the penultimate round, against the top...Full Story

GM Joel wraps up the Aeroflot and recaps Tal Memorial

Added on 03.12.2018

This week I’ll have a report on the Tal Memorial Rapid and Blitz tournament, but first let me wrap the Aeroflot Open.   Vladislav Kovalev - Photo by Niklesh Jain 24-year-old Belarussian GM Vladislav Kovalev emerged as the clear winner with 7/9, followed by the Indian Sethuraman and the young Russian Gordievsky at 6.5.  It was a tournament where a lot of the top seeds took it on the chin, as you might expect in Russia.  The win that catapulted Kovalev to first place came in the penultimate...Full Story

GM Joel’s tribute to Anatoly Lein

Added on 03.05.2018

While there are some interesting events going on in world chess, I’m going to put them aside to focus on remembering a very important figure in American chess history.  Anatoly Lein passed away last week at the age of 86. He became a grandmaster in 1968, and defeated many of the giants of Russian chess, including World Champions, Tal and Smyslov, as well as Bronstein, Polugaevsky, Stein, and Taimanov.  Emigrating to the U.S. in 1975, he was able to put up strong results against younger...Full Story

GM Joel’s recap February 26 2018

Added on 02.26.2018

This week I’ll feature games from the cutthroat competition in the Aeroflot Open in Moscow, as well as a look at a more convivial competition on the Emerald Isle. Open tournaments will always produce an upstart somewhere along the way.  Eesha Karavade is not an up and comer at age thirty, but the start for the Indian WGM/IM was quite remarkable.  With two wins and two draws against 2600 level players, she found herself among the early leaders.  Here’s how she scored the point in the fourth...Full Story

GM Joel’s recap February 19 2018

Added on 02.19.2018

It’s another fairly slow week in world chess, so I feel I’ll have to report on something that is sort of chess, and sort of not chess.  Plus I will also wrap up the St. Louis Norm Congress and show an interesting game form the Cuban Championship.   GM Magnus Carlsen and GM Hikaru Nakamura Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura met in Norway for the unofficial World Championship of Chess960, also known as Fischer Random, after the ex-World Champion, who was a great advocate of this chess...Full Story

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