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1st FIDE Grand Prix 2022 - Round 4

Added on 02.07.2022

Today's standing out facts in Berlin are that Wesley So won again, defeating Dominguez in Pool D, and Dubov won his first game in the competition, coming out of a negative streak.    Pool A 1 2 3 4 PTS Grischuk aa 1/2 1/2-1/2 1/2-1/2 2.0 Nakamura 1/2 aa 1 1/2-1/2 2.5 Esipenko 1/2-1/2 0 aa 1 2.0 Bacrot 1/2-1/2 1/2 0 aa 1.5 In Pool A we had two draws, with Hikaru...Full Story

1st FIDE Grand Prix 2022 - Round 3

Added on 02.06.2022

Today marks the first part of the double round-robin that will determine the four semifinalists. And we already have some indications, with four decisive games.    Pool A 1 2 3 4 PTS Grischuk aa 1/2 1/2 1/2 1.5 Nakamura 1/2 aa 1 1/2 2.0 Esipenko 1/2 0 aa 1 1.5 Bacrot 1/2 1/2 0 aa 1.0 In Pool A the "Game Of the Day", Grischuk-Nakamura, ended in a draw, leaving the...Full Story

1st FIDE Grand Prix 2022 - Round 2

Added on 02.05.2022

Lots of action today in Berlin!    Pool A 1 2 3 4 PTS Grischuk aa   1/2 1/2 1.0 Nakamura   aa 1 1/2 1.5 Esipenko 1/2 0 aa   0.5 Bacrot 1/2 1/2   aa 1.0 Nakamura won a great game against the young Russian GM Andrey Esipenko. Bacrot had the upper hand in his games versus Grischuk, but the Frenchman could not find a way to concretize his advantage and had to settle for a...Full Story

1st FIDE Grand Prix 2022 - Round 1

Added on 02.04.2022

The race to conquer the two coveted spots to play in the Candidates later this year started today.  Pool A 1 2 3 4 PTS Grischuk aa   1/2   0.5 Nakamura   aa   1/2 0.5 Esipenko 1/2   aa   0.5 Bacrot   1/2   aa 0.5 In the first Pool (A), Esipenko drew vs. Grischuk, and Bacrot drew vs. Nakamura. A good result for Esipenko, who has been under the gun for some moves....Full Story

1st FIDE grand Prix 2022 - info

Added on 02.03.2022

The FIDE Grand Prix 2022 is a series of three tournaments, to be played between 3 February and 4 April 2022 in Berlin, Germany, and Belgrade, Serbia. The Three tournaments have relevant importance not only because most of the best players in the world are participating. Indeed, the two top finishers will get a spot in the Candidates' Tournament, to be held in June this year. As for now, the players who qualified to play in the Candidates' are:   Player Ian...Full Story

1st FIDE Grand Prix 2022

Added on 02.02.2022

We're excited to announce that GM John Burke is a new ICC contributor! John became an IM at 14, in 2016, and a GM in 2018, at 16.   In 2020, John won the US Junior Championship. That qualified him for the 2021 US Championship, where he was able to score 5/11 with a performance rating north of 2650, despite being the lowest-rated player. Currently, John is a junior at Webster University, where he's able to study chess with his teammates and his coach GM Liem Le. Here is John's article on...Full Story

Carlsen wins again! GM Joel’s final recap of Tata

Added on 01.31.2022

  GM Joel recaps the last three rounds of the Tata Steel Masters 2022. It's no surprise that Magnus won the event. With Dubov's forfeit due to testing positive to Covid, Magnus has a whole point assured in the last round. That's it; Magnus needed a draw in round 12 to be sure he would emerge victoriously. Carlsen played a fantastic game with Caruana and won round 12, getting his score to +4 and 8.5 points. With the last round point, Magnus reached 9.5/13, too much for everyone. Mamedyarov had...Full Story

Tata Steel 2022 - Round 13

Added on 01.30.2022

  Article by GM Ronen Har-Zvi Same same same – Magnus winning one other Tata tournament making it his 8th!! The title says it all – another tournament, another fantastic and straightforward performance by the world champ: 8.5/12 (not counting the technical win against Dubov in the last round – as Dubov had Covid and did not play round 7 and then left the tournament from rounds 11-13)  - 5 wins and 7 draws not being worse pretty much at any moment during any of the games. Mamedyarov shared...Full Story

Tata Steel 2022 - Round 12

Added on 01.29.2022

  With a fantastic game - and an exchange sacrifice! - Magnus Carlsen defeated Fabiano Caruana in round 12 to secure the final victory of his 8th Tata Steel Masters! Photo credit Lennart Ootes Magnus played a splendid game, giving his "old foe" no chance. Carlsen won't play the last round, as he is paired with Dubov, who, as we all know, had to leave the tournament. In the post-game interview, Magnus said:   "I am very happy with the total result and today's as well. A...Full Story

Tata Steel 2022 - Round 11

Added on 01.28.2022

  COVID is again the protagonist in Wijk aan Zee. Daniil Dubov tested positive this morning and had to leave the tournament. While the results he had until now remain in place, he will forfeit the remaining three games. Of course, there won't be rating changes for these three games. The three players who are going to get a whole point without playing are Richard Rapport (today), Praggnanandhaa (tomorrow), and Magnus Carlsen (Sunday, last round). Here is the organizers' official...Full Story

GM Benjamin recaps rounds 9-10 of Tata 2022

Added on 01.27.2022

    In this video recap, GM Joel covers rounds 9 and 10 of the Tata Steel Masters 2022. It may sound like only two rounds, hence a short video, but there has been a lot of blood spilt in these two days. In fact, the Tatas 2022 has been a great tournament for the spectators because of a lot of decisive games. Round 9 was probably the most important one for the ultimate result of the tournament. Carlsen beat Mamedyarov to take the sole lead. Round 10 wasn't as critical for the standings at the...Full Story

Tata Steel 2022 - Round 10

Added on 01.26.2022

  Carlsen and Karjakin called it a day after 16 moves into a Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense. In the post-game interview, Magnus said:   "It's always a pity to miss a chance to fight against a strong opponent, but tournament-wise this is OK." Magnus, in the interview, sounded very pragmatic, thinking about the standings and outlining that he still has two games with white to play. And we know how dangerous Magnus can be when playing white. Mamedyarov and Giri drew their games, confirming Magnus'...Full Story

Tata Steel 2022 - Round 9

Added on 01.25.2022

  Today our article is written by GM Ronen Har-Zvi. After round 9, everything seems logical – Carlsen leading alone with 6.5 / 9; in the sole second spot Giri – with 6 out of 9 – Giri had some great results in the past in Tata tournaments. Mamedyarov with 5.5, and so is Vidit, who is having a fantastic event, and just behind them Caruana, Rapport, and Karjakin with 5 – yet looks can be deceiving. Magnus played his usual chess. Despite a few misses (against Esipenko – covered in round 1 video...Full Story

The Importance of Modern Middlegame Tabiyas

Added on 01.25.2022

GM Davorin Kuljasevic is back! One of our most loved contributors presents ICC members with a fantastic video course: The Importance of Modern Middelgame Tabiyas. What does that mean, you'll ask. Here is what this new course is about, in the words of Davorin himself.   Tabiya is a position in the opening of a game that occurs after a sequence of moves that are heavily standardized and from which the players have many possible moves again. In this course, though, we will not examine typical...Full Story

GM Benjamin recaps rounds 5-8 of Tata 2022

Added on 01.24.2022

    In this video recap, GM Joel covers rounds 5 thru 8 of the Tata Steel Masters 2022.  So far, it's been a pretty good tournament with many exciting games. There's been a lot of action to bring to you in this video, but the thing is always the same: when Magnus Carlsen is playing in a tournament, it's impossible not to start from what he does. Magnus missed an excellent opportunity in round five against Grandelius, settling for a draw. Still, he struck with all his mighty power against...Full Story

Tata Steel 2022 - Round 8

Added on 01.23.2022

  The Tata Steel is proving to be an exciting tournament! Today Sam Shankland, playing an excellent game, held at bay the World Champion. Sam played a quasi-perfect game with the white pieces, giving no chances to the Norwegian. The two GMs agreed on a draw at move 35 when there was nothing more to try on the board. Photo credit Lennart Ootes After the game, Shankland said,  "The tournament so far has been frustrating for me, but I am still enjoying it. It's exciting to...Full Story

Tata Steel 2022 - Round 7

Added on 01.22.2022

  And here we are again. After the Djokovic quarrel that divided the public opinion, the COVID-19 restrictions landed on chess and made it to the headlines. Daniil Dubov today forfeited his game with Anish Giri. After learning that someone in the Polish GM inner circle tested positive, the organizers asked Daniil to play with a mask to protect his opponent. Dubov refused and didn't show up at the board, losing the game. Here is the organizers' official statement: It's sad to think that such...Full Story

Tata Steel 2022 - Round 6

Added on 01.21.2022

  This time Magnus didn't miss his chances and defeated Richard Rapport in good style. During the post-game interview, Magnus candidly said: "I really needed this win after throwing away good opportunities, especially in the last round." The Champion even said he was "sloppy." We all would like to be as sloppy as he when playing chess. Photo credit   var viewer = new CHESS.PgnViewer({ pgn_uri: '', piece_set:...Full Story

Tata Steel 2022 - Round 5

Added on 01.20.2022

  Vidit drew his game with Giri, whereas Mamedyarov and Rapport won, joining the Indian GM in the lead, with 3.5/5. Mamedyarov won with the black pieces against Van Foreest, showing an excellent form.   var viewer = new CHESS.PgnViewer({ pgn_uri: '', piece_set: '', show_screen: false, responsive: true, ratio: '3:2', square_color_dark: '#82a3d2', square_color_light:...Full Story

GM Benjamin recaps the first 4 rounds of Tata 2022

Added on 01.19.2022

  As an important part of our coverage for Tata 2022, we have GM Joel Benajmin recap the rounds on the rest days. After four rounds, Indian Vidit is in the sole lead, followed by a 5-man pack with Carlsen, Mamedyarov, Rapport, Esipenko, and Van Foreest. GM Joel, in this video, shows the games he found to be more interesting and commentates on the tournament. You can download the PGN file with Joel's annotated games HERE.

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