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Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 29, 2024

Added on 01.29.2024

DOUBLE BIRTHDAY GM Hans-Joachim Hecht - Source: Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Hans-Joachim Hecht, born in Luckenwalde, Germany, on January 29, 1939. Three times West Germany Champion, Hecht won the German Team Championship eight times, playing for Solingen (with which he won the Champion Cup) and Bayern München. Hect participated in ten Olympiads and a World Team Championship, where he won an individual Gold Medal. In his career, Hecht defeated champions such as Spassky,...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 26, 2024

Added on 01.26.2024

THE LEGEND OF OLAFSSON Clarin Tournament, Buenos Aires 1980: Lubomir Kavalek-Fridrik Olafsson  Photo: - Source: Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Fridrik Olafsson, born in Reykjavik, Iceland, on January 26, 1935. Olafsson is the first Icelandic GM and has been National Champion six times. He represented his country in eight Olympiads, winning a gold and a bronze individual medals. Olafsson qualified for the Candidates to the World Title in 1958, and during his...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 25, 2024

Added on 01.25.2024

CHESS BOK GM Benjamin Bok - Photo: SLU University - Source: @BokHypeman Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Benjamin Bok, born in Lelystad, Netherlands, on January 25, 1995. Benjamin got his GM title at 19. He played for the Netherlands in the 2016 Olympiad and the European Team Championship in 2017. Bok participated in the World Cup in 2019. His peak rating was reached in July 2019, with 2649 Elo points. Benjamin is on the St. Louis University Team and is very active on the Internet as a...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 24, 2024

Added on 01.24.2024

GRAND MASTER ENGINEER Büsum 1969: Theodor Ghitescu vs. Robert Hübner - Source: fb-James Kulbacki Today, we remember Grandmaster Theodor Ghitescu, born in Bucharest, Romania, on January 24, 1934. For a living, Ghitescu worked as a civil engineer. He won the Romanian Championship in 1963, also placing second five times. He represented his country at the Olympiads twelve times (his best result was a team fifth place in Thessaloniki in 1984). Later, he became a trainer, coaching, among others,...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 23, 2024

Added on 01.23.2024

MEQUINHO GM Henrique da Costa Mecking Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Henrique da Costa Mecking, born in Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil, on January 23, 1952. A precocious talent, Mecking won the Brazilian Championship at 13; at 15, he qualified for the Interzonal in Sousse, and at 19, he became a GM. Mecking lived his golden time in the seventies, winning the interzonal in Petropolis in 1973 and Manila 1976, joining the candidates for the World Title, but then losing to Kortschnoj...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 22, 2024

Added on 01.22.2024

THE TSAR OF ARGENTINA GM Maxim Sorokin - Source: Today, we remember Grandmaster Maxim Sorokin, born in Izhevsk, Russia, on January 22, 1967. Maxim grew up in GM Alexander Panchenko's school and established himself in Argentina after going there to play a tournament. Sorokin played in the Olympiads in 1988, representing Argentina, and trained Hugo Spangenberg. Later, Maxim coached in India, and then he returned to Russia and coached the Russian Women's Team. There in Russia,...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 19, 2024

Added on 01.19.2024

BEHIND THE GIANTS Olympiads in Nice, 1974: Glenn Bordonada vs. Gennadi Kuzmin. Three world champions are watching the game: Tigran Petrosian, Anatoly Karpov, and Mikhail Tal. Source: Today, we remember Grandmaster Gennadi Kuzmin, born in Mariinsk, USSR, on January 19, 1946. Three times Ukraine's Champion in the span of thirty years, Gennadi lived his best period in the seventies, when he got second place at the Russian Championship in 1973 behind Boris Spassky and qualified...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 18, 2024

Added on 01.18.2024

WHEN THE CALIPH CLEANED OUT LAS VEGAS Russian Championship U18, 1984: the winner, Alexander Khalifman, and his trainer, Gennady Nesis. Photo: - Source: @dgriffinchess Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Alexander Khalifman, born in Leningrad, Russia, on January 18, 1966. A pupil of Gennady Nesis, Alexander became Junior European Champion in 1986, and shortly after, he got the GM title. Khalifman won the Russian Championship in 1996 and reached the peak of his chess career in Las...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 17, 2024

Added on 01.17.2024

MAIA'S KINGDOM Women's World Championship, Volgograd 1984: Irina Levitina vs. Maia Chiburdanidze Source: @dgriffinchess Today is the birthday of former World Champion Maia Chiburdanidze, born in Kutaisi, Georgia, on January 17, 1961. Member of the extraordinary Georgian tradition, trained by experienced coaches such as Gufeld, Shishov, and Gurgenidze, Maia reached the top of women's chess when she was only 18, winning the World Championship by defeating Nona Gaprindashvili. Chiburdanidze's...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 16, 2024

Added on 01.16.2024

HIGHLANDER GM Carsten Høi - Source: Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Carsten Høi, born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on January 16, 1957. Carsten has been a three-time National Champion (1978, 1986, 1992) and represented Denmark in five Olympiads between 1978 and 1996. Høi reached his peak rating of 2510 Elo points in July 1989 and was awarded the GM title only in 2001, whereas he should have gotten it in 1993. Carsten defeated players of the caliber of Larsen, Vaganian, Beliavsky,...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 15, 2024

Added on 01.15.2024

THE RUSSIAN POLGARS GMs Tatiana and Nadezhda Kosintseva - Source: Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Nadezhda Kosintseva, born in Arkhangelsk, Russia, on January 15, 1985. She was trained - together with her younger sister - first by Vladimir Popov and later by Yuri Dokhoian. Nadezhda has won the European Championship U10, U12 and U18, and a World Championship U14. Kosintseva participated in five Olympiads between 2004 and 2021 with the women's team. At the Olympiads,...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 12, 2024

Added on 01.12.2024

HORT 80 World Juniors Championship, The Hague 1961: GM Vlastimil Hort  Photo: - Source: @KingpinEd @dgriffinchess Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Vlastimil Hort, born in Kladno, Czech Republic, on January 12, 1944. Six times Czechoslovakian champion, then three times German champion, Hort has been one of the strongest players in the world between the sixties and the eighties. Hort has been several times one of the candidates for the world title and one of the players in the...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 11, 2024

Added on 01.11.2024

THE LONG ABSENCE GM Hedinn Steingrimsson - Source: Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Hedinn Steingrimsson, born in Reykjavik, Iceland, on January 11, 1975. Hedinn was a great promise for Icelandic chess; he became the World U12 Champion in 1987 and the Icelandic Champion in 1990. Then, after a series of unsuccessful results, Steingrimsson retired from chess in the nineties. He got back to playing competitively when he was about 30 years old, winning two more national...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 10, 2024

Added on 01.10.2024

THE PROMISE OF THE SEVENTIES Alexander Beliavsky, Viktor Kart and Oleg Romanishin - Source: @dgrffinchess Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Oleg Romanishin, born in Lviv, Ukraine, on January 10, 1952. Oleg became European Champion in the Juniores category in 1973, won the World Championship with the USSR student team in 1974, and in the second half of the seventies, obtained prestigious results, such as first place in Leningrad in 1977 and second place in Tilburg in 1979, behind...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 9, 2024

Added on 01.09.2024

THE BELLE EPOQUE CHAMPION Arturo Reggio - Source: Today, we remember Master Artuto Reggio, born in Gorizia, Italy, on January 9, 1862. Between 1900 and 1916, Reggio won five tournaments that we can think of as Italian Championships, though not officially. He was probably the strongest Italian player in Italy at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries. Reggio is often remembered for a game he lost to Mieses in Montecarlo in 1903, but his results tell the tale, as he was able to...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 8, 2024

Added on 01.08.2024

THE LAST OF THE CANDIDATES Beverwijk 1963: GM Herman Pilnik - Photo: E.Koch / ANEFO Source:  Today, we remember Grandmaster Herman Pilnik, born in Stuttgart, Germany, on January 8, 1914. Pilnik moved to Argentina in 1941, becoming national champion in 1942, 1945, and 1958. Representing Argentina, Pilnik participated in three olympiads, achieving three historical silver medals and a team bronze, besides an individual gold as first reserve. Together with his fellow...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 5, 2024

Added on 01.05.2024

TOGLIATTI'S SCHOOL GM Alexandr Predke - Source: Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Alexandr Predke, born in Dimitrovgrad, Russia, on January 5, 1994. Alexandr grew up in FM Sergey Sychev's Togliatti school. Predke participated in the World Cup twice, in 2019 and 2021. HE reached his peak rating in November 2020, with 2696 Elo points, 4 points shy from the super-GM "status." In his career so far, Alexandr has defeated elite players such as Vachier-Lagrave, Shirov, Wang Hao,...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 4, 2024

Added on 01.04.2024

IVAN THE TERRIBLE GM Ivan Schitco  Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Ivan Schitco, born in Chisinau, Moldova, on January 4, 2003. A former pupil of International Master Boris Itkis and then coached by GM Dmitry Svetushkin, Schitco became a grandmaster in 2022. He reached his peak rating in September 2023, with 2533 Elo points. Ivan led Moldova at the 2022 Chennai Olympiads, obtaining a historical 6th place with his country. So far, Schitco drew Carlsen twice and defeated super-strong...Full Story

TATA Steel 2024

Added on 01.03.2024

January means Tata Steel, one of the year's most important tournaments. Play starts January 13, at 8 AM EST, 14:00 local (Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin), 13:00 UTC. The rest days are January 17, 22 and 25 The tournament is a round-robin with 14 players (13 rounds). Time control is 100 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 50 minutes for 20 moves, then 15 minutes for the rest of the game, with a 30-second increment per move from move one. The nice (and cold) small town in the north of the...Full Story

Happened Today in the Chess World - Jan 3, 2024

Added on 01.03.2024

GLOBE-TRAINER World Team Championship, Warsaw 2013: GM Merab Gagunashvili  Photo: Przemyslaw Jahr / wikimedia commons Source: Today is the birthday of Grandmaster Merab Gagunashvili, born in Tbilisi, Georgia, on January 4, 1985. Runner-up at the World Junior Championship in 2001, Gagunashvili became a GM at age 17. He was Georgian Champion twice, in 2004 and 2010, and represented his country in four Olympiads. Merab reached his peak rating of 2625 Elo points in April 2007. He...Full Story

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