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World Championship Match 2023 - Game 9

Added on 04.21.2023

A hard-fought draw! A suggestive image of Ding alone at the board. Game 9, Ruy Lopez, but this time Berlin Defense. Ding decided to play a solid game, trying to keep Nepo at bay. Ian played a very good game, and in the middlegame, it looked like the Russian was going to unleash a deadly attack, with his powerful bishop pair aligned and ready to shoot at the castled  Black King. A super-focused Nepomniachtchi But Liren defended well, and the players entered a real endgame for the first...Full Story

World Championship Match 2023 - Game 8

Added on 04.20.2023

WHAT A GAME! We were almost missing a good draw in this amazing match. And today's game proved to be the most incredible so far, with the two players showing their human side. These champions amaze us when they can play long streaks of moves as if they were chess engines. They prepare so deeply with powerful engines that sometimes, not even GMs watching the game (without a computer) can fully understand what's happening on the board. Yet, today Liren and Ian played a rollercoaster game, making...Full Story

GM Illescas recaps Game 7

Added on 04.18.2023

GM Miguel Illescas analyzes and commentates on game 7 of the World Championship Match! Don't miss Miguel's excellent analysis.  

World Championship Match 2023 - Game 7

Added on 04.18.2023

A sad day In a very tense position, and after having played a superb sharp game, Ding collapsed in time trouble. Both Ian and Liren today offered the viewers a fantastic display of their chess strength, playing a game full of motives and extremely complex. Ding started the game by replying to 1.e4 with 1...e6, surprisingly getting into a French Tarrash. Ian probably didn't expect it, but he showed that his preparation was absolutely amazing. He said, during the press conference, "You would get...Full Story

GM Illescas recaps Games 5 and 6

Added on 04.17.2023

GM Miguel Illescas analyzes and commentates on games 5 and 6 of the World Championship Match! Don't miss Miguel excellent analysis.  

World Championship Match 2023 - Game 6

Added on 04.16.2023

WHAT A ROLLERCOASTER! As we already said, this is a fantastic World Championship Match, and today's game confirms it. Liren Ding won an amazing game, playing quasi-perfect, outplaying Ian Nepomniachtchi after losing yesterday's game. The London System helped Ding to get out of theory pretty soon, and today the Chinese Ace found all the right moves to keep Nepo on the edge. Despite Liren's body language, which seemed to show great disappointment after the first moves into the opening, the...Full Story

World Championship Match 2023 - Game 5

Added on 04.15.2023

We are witnessing one of the best championship matches in the last decades. There has been a lot of negativity around this match, with the Numero Uno absence after Magnus decided not to defend his title. Today, after another fantastic game, even the skeptics have to rethink their approach to the match. Ian and Liren are battling like gladiators, providing an amazing show to chess enthusiasts. Ding Liren shows all his disappointment. Today Ian won brilliantly in a match that we could rename...Full Story

GM Yermolinsky recaps Games 3 and 4

Added on 04.14.2023

Our GM Alex Yermolinsky, in this video, analyzes and comments on games 3 and 4 of the 2023 World Championship match being held in Astana, Kazakhstan. Don't miss Alex's insights and opinions on the most important chess event of the year!

World Championship Match 2023 - Game 4

Added on 04.13.2023

COMEBACK! A terrible blunder by Ian Nepomniachtchi led to a great comeback by Liren Ding in game 4 of the World Championship Match in Astana. The game started with Ding - playing white - 1.c4 Ian took much more time than Liren in the opening, showing that maybe he didn't expect the Chinese number one to play the Four Knights system. The game looked interesting and tense already at an early stage. There have been some imprecisions, and White seemed to be more active, though the engine...Full Story

World Championship Match 2023 - Game 3

Added on 04.12.2023

Quite a lot of new things happened today in Game 3 of the World Championship Match in Astana. First, Liren sat at the board, expressing his will to show he was ready for the battle. Ding at the board in Game 3 During the post-game press conference, Liren appeared much more relaxed. The journalists, after Ding's candid first press conference, where he admitted to suffering from anxiety, today insisted on asking him how he manages the stress of the match. Ding said that his friend helped him a...Full Story

GM Yermolinsky recaps Games 1 and 2

Added on 04.11.2023

Our GM Alex Yermolinsky, in this video, analyzes and comments on the first two games of the 2023 World Championship match being held in Astana, Kazakhstan. Don't miss Alex's insights and opinions on the most important chess event of the year!

World Championship Match 2023 - Game 2

Added on 04.10.2023

After 13 attempts, Ian Nepomniachtchi brilliantly wins his first game in a World Championship Match. GM Ding resigns Game 2 Ding brought a "novelty" on the board, playing 4.h3 in a Queen pawn game. 4.h3 move was never seen before at such a high level. ChessBase has ten games with that and the highest rating of a player who made it is 2175.  Ian was incredulous when he saw Ding's move. The facial expression of the Russian is eloquent: It took Nepo eight minutes to gather his thoughts...Full Story

World Championship Match 2023 - Game 1

Added on 04.09.2023

This is what watchers worldwide saw during the first game of the World Championship Match in Astana. Well, at least most of the time in the first part of the game. The players have at their disposal a rest lounge with a couch, armchair, drinks, and snacks. But, most importantly, they have a monitor in the room, with the current position. In the first part of the game, they spent a lot of time in the "thinking room." Especially Ding, who sat in the armchair motionless, staring at the monitor for...Full Story

Magnus wins the 2022 World Rapid Championship!

Added on 12.28.2022

Photo credit: FIDE/Anna Shtourman He may have given up the Classic Title, but it's hard not to think about Magnus Carlsen from Norway as the GOAT. Everyone knows it's impossible to declare which player has been the Great Of All Time. It's much like what's happening in soccer, with many thinking Messi is the GOAT and the rest putting Maradona in that privileged position. Chess has changed dramatically in recent decades thanks to computers and powerful chess engines. It's probably not fair to...Full Story

Niemann suing the Chess World!

Added on 10.20.2022

Hans Moke Niemann, the 19-years-old American Grandmaster who has been the object of almost every chess-related discussion in the last few weeks, decided to sue Magnus Carlsen, the Play Magnus Group,, Daniel Rensch, and Hikaru Nakamura. Hans announced it via Twitter: The young American GM is represented by Oved & Oved and Gartner Firm. Niemann is suing the defendants for a minimum of $400,000,000. The full complaint can be read HERE. Niemann's attorneys didn't use the white-glove...Full Story

ICC’s Official Statement on Fair Play

Added on 10.14.2022

Online chess has become increasingly popular for both recreational play and serious tournament play, more so following the pandemic. Promoting and ensuring Fair Play has become an even more paramount issue for ICC as tournament prize funds have increased significantly over the past two years. With all the chess engines available with a button click, it becomes far too easy for players, in a moment of laziness, to lean on one to assist their play illegally.  Anti-cheating measures have become...Full Story

FIDE to investigate into Carlsen vs. Niemann

Added on 09.30.2022

FIDE, the governing body of Chess, confirmed that an investigation into the case of Carlsen - Niemann would be launched. Here is FIDE's statement (click the image to go to the FIDE website): FIDE said that the investigation will focus on Carlsen's public accusations and Niemann's own statement about online cheating. It looks like the drama is reaching its peak, and one would like to see a conclusion to this "scandal" that has been seizing the Chess World for weeks.  

Magnus Carlsen Official Statement

Added on 09.27.2022

World Champion Magnus Carlsen, after a long silence on the socials, has published an official statement on his Twitter account: Immediately, thousands of comments were posted to discuss Carlsen's statement, and the chess people are still debating on Twitter and Facebook. Some commentators think this is a weak statement, as Carlsen doesn't bring in any proof, saying, "I believe Niemann cheated," which, of course, is not something people will accept as truth. On the other hand, some believe...Full Story

The Drama continues!

Added on 09.19.2022

Most of us thought the drama was over. After Carlsen quit the Sinquefield Cup with his sibylline tweet, citing Mourino - the famous soccer coach - the chess world was shaken by probably the most controversial quarrel ever. On the socials - especially on Twitter - two "teams" formed, with experts and amateurs - or simple chess lovers: those who accused Niemann of cheating (without any proof) and those who defended the young American player. Some even recurred to statistics to "show" that Neimann...Full Story

Is 19 the new golden age?

Added on 09.12.2022

A fellow ICC admin posted on Facebook: "Alireza is the Alcaraz of Chess." And it's true. The young Frenchman won the Sinquefield Cup and the whole Grand Chess Tour, and the young Spaniard won his first Grand slam tournament in New York. Alireza is now 4th in the rating list, whereas his tennis player peer conquered the numero uno position in the ATP rank! (AP Photo/John Minchillo) Are we witnessing a generational change? Well, these two important achievements were slightly tainted by Magnus...Full Story

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