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News and Events

World Cup 2017

Added on 08.30.2017

August has been an intense month for all the chess fans and, of course, for the elite players, who gathered in St Louis to play the Sinquefield Cup and the Rapid&Blitz Grand Chess Tour events. Maxime Vachier-Lagrave won his first top tournament, jumping again over 2800, and establishing himself in second place in the live rating list. The Rapid&Blitz event generated a lot of interest because Garry Kasparov decided to join the fray again, making the St Louis Grand Chess tour event the most...Full Story

Google Calendar!

Added on 08.28.2017

Almost everyone who uses a personal computer is, in a way, Googlized. We use our Google account to keep connected to the rest of the world, to move preferences, bookmarks, and many other things from a computer to another. Google Calendar is a powerful and versatile tool, which allows you to plan your tasks and keep them under control. You can set reminders, use it on your mobile device.  Not to mention that you can import full calendars or single events, and make yours someone else's...Full Story

A great comeback

Added on 08.19.2017

Yes, let's face it, it was just great to see Garry Kasparov sit at the board, make all the faces that those of my generation have loved and criticized - as if a chess player of his strength would need a poker-face - and join the fray again, after 12 years of chess inactivity.  Photo by Eric Rosen You can see a set of nice shots HERE I can't see anything negative in Kasparov's comeback. The result? C'mon, it doesn't matter.  Watching the games, I have seen kibitzers going for the squalid...Full Story

The King is back!

Added on 08.13.2017

It was March 2005, when the strongest player ever announced his retirement from professional chess. After 20 years at the top of the game, Garry Kimovich Kasparov declared: "Before this tournament, I made a conscious decision that Linares 2005 will be my last professional [tournament] and today I played my last professional game." He won Linares 2005, ahead of Topalov, Anand, Leko, Adams, Kasindzhanov and Vallejo Pons. Nonetheless, the decision had been taken: the greatest players of all time...Full Story

Revolution Revisited!

Added on 08.13.2017

GM Alex Yermolinsky, who recently won the US Senior Open, is one of the best content creators in the chess scene. Alex is always ready to explore new paths, without losing sight of the more traditional theory. In this series, GM Yermolinsky revisits Kasparov's point of view on some of the most common openings.  Garry Kasparov's “Revolution in the 70's” was published in 2007 as the first book of “On Modern Chess” series. Soon it was followed by three tomes on his matches with Karpov, and then...Full Story

Live Events on ICCTV August 2017

Added on 08.01.2017

          "Here is the August 2017 schedule for ICC TV! Join us this month and become a star on ICC and YouTube!"    - GM David Smerdon   08/02 Wedensday 6PM GM Ronen Har-Zvi Sinquefield Cup 2017 - Round 1 Recap 08/03 Thursday 6PM GM Alex Yermolinsky Sinquefield Cup 2017 - Round 2 Recap 08/04 Friday 4PM CM Tryfon Gavriel Let's Crush the Kings!...Full Story


Added on 07.31.2017

Joel Benjamin, Ronen Har-Zvi, Alex Yermolinsky, David Smerdon, John Watson, Tryfon Gavriel, Christof Sielecki, Max Dlugy, Voja Milanovic, John Fedorowicz. These are the names that the Internet Chess Club sponsors to bring you a lot of LIVE chess, almost every day! Weekly shows  SHOW HOST FORMAT TIME JOIN/WATCH MONDAYS An Hour of Chess... explained! IM Christof Sielecki 5-minute auto-pairing...Full Story

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Added on 07.30.2017

The Summer is upon us who live north of the equator, and for the chess world, this means Sinquefield Cup.   The 5th edition of the super tournament will be held at the fabulous Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis, Missouri from August the 2nd to August the 12th, at 2 PM EDT (20:00 Central Europe, 19:00 UK). The line-up is impressive, as usual: Magnus Carlsen, Wesley So, Levon Aronian, Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Sergey Karjakin, Peter Svidler, Ian...Full Story

Live events on ICCTV July 2017 Calendar

Added on 07.02.2017

          "Here is the July 2017 schedule for ICC TV! Join us this month and become a star on ICC and YouTube!"    - GM Alex Yermolinsky   07/02 Friday 6PM GM Alex Yermolinsky Report from GCT Blitz in Leuven 07/03 Monday 4PM IM Christof Sielecki An hour of Chess... explained! 07/04 Tuesday 6PM IM John Watson Ask the Master!...Full Story

Norway Chess 2016 - Round 9

Added on 06.16.2017

Levon Aronian is back. The 35 years old Armenian lion played a fantastic tournament and won it a full point clear ahead of Nakamura and Kramnik. Aronian beat Carlsen and Kramnik in this event, getting back to #4 on the live rating list. Congratulations, Levon! Hikaru Nakamura, who had the chance to tie for first with Aronian, lost to Caruana. Fabiano, who's not been brilliant in this tournament, showed that he is still able to defeat his super-GM peers.  your web browser and/or your host do...Full Story

Norway Chess 2017 - Round 8

Added on 06.15.2017

Magnus Carlsen, after the quite unexpected loss suffered yesterday, bounced back today in Round 8, winning his game against Karjakin. The game was equal, and all of us thought Carlsen would have been satisfied with a draw, giving how this tournament is going for him. But Karjakin managed to throw away the game with a horrible blunder at move 41, allowing Carlsen to win in three moves. Magnus keeps first place in the live rating list. your web browser and/or your host do not support iframes...Full Story

Norway Chess 2017 - Round 7

Added on 06.14.2017

The Italian job Looking at the standings after seven rounds, it's more than natural to think "I am not looking at the correct table, it can't be true." It's indeed quite strange to see Magnus Carlsen dwell at the bottom of the list, with only 2.5 points. Vachier-Lagrave, who shares the last place with the World Champion, has had up-and-down results, but Magnus is probably having the worst tournament in years. Kramnik today played a good game, but Carlsen is the shadow of the brilliant player we...Full Story

Norway Chess 2017 - Round 6

Added on 06.12.2017

The Armenian lion is back where he belongs: in the 2800's club. Levon defeated Kramnik today, taking down number one and number two of the FIDE rating list in two straight games with White. Aronian is playing powerful chess, like in the days where only a stellar Magnus stopped him from climbing to the very top of the FIDE list. After winning the Grenke Chess tournament convincingly, now Levon joins Hikaru Nakamura as the leader of the Norway Chess, arguably the strongest tournament of the year....Full Story

Norway Chess 2017 - Round 5

Added on 06.11.2017

The calm after the perfect storm.  Yesterday we witnessed one of the most exciting rounds of the last years, with three decisive games and the World Champions losing or having to save their game. Today we're back to five draws, though some of the games were interesting. Kramnik vs. Nakamura can be considered a classic, and the game was good to follow. Vladimir got two bishops out of the opening, but it looked like he was a tempo behind. The game simplified soon, but the resulting position was...Full Story

Norway Chess 2017 - Round 4

Added on 06.10.2017

Apocalypse now!  After three rounds with barely any decisive games, round four was most probably the turning point of the Norway Chess Tournament. One of the most amazing rounds in the last years, with fighting chess, sacs, strenuous defenses and even a stalemate! Levon Aronian played an incredible game to beat Magnus Carlsen. Sacrificial aggression with a positional foundation was Levon's trademark in today's game. He sacrificed and exchange and then a bishop, to create a piece of chess art....Full Story

Norway Chess 2017 - Round 3

Added on 06.08.2017

Five draws. It'd be easy to start saying that this event is boring, that we need something to spice up chess, particularly at the top level. But today it was not boring at all. The "Game Of the Day" was Carlsen-Nakamura, which has become a classic over the years, with the fan base split between the two super-GMs. Yes, it's true that Carlsen's record vs. Nakamura is overwhelming, but we all know that Hikaru can come up with inspiring ideas, especially in the opening, to stun his...Full Story

Norway Chess 2017 - Round 2

Added on 06.07.2017

Take the first ten players on the FIDE list, put them together in a playing hall, give them chess sets and clock, and hope for fireworks. Well, it isn't really the way it's going in Stavanger, Norway.  Eight draws out of ten games is not exactly a firework show, though some interesting things are happening. Yesterday it was Nakamura's day, and today it's Kramnik's day. Vladimir faced his old foe Vishy Anand and succeeded in defeating the Indian chess genius. your web browser and/or your host...Full Story

Norway Chess 2017 - Round 1

Added on 06.06.2017

After the Blitz fireworks, we were expecting a somewhat calm first round, but after three hours of play today it looked pretty grim, with all the five games headed to draw. Until Giri missed his chance to draw Nakamura in an endgame that - quite incredibly - they had already played a year ago! Nakamura went for the kill, with his unmistakable style, and with the win also took the early lead of the super-tournament.   your web browser and/or your host do not support iframes as required to...Full Story

Norway Chess 2017 - Blitz Tournament

Added on 06.05.2017

Five players to get an extra white in the Norway Chess tournament, and the Blitz war to decide which of the ten chess superpowers would get the benefit. Carlsen started slow, with two draws, but then the local hero switched on the Turbo, conceding only half a point in the remaining seven rounds. Magnus won the Blitz tournament two points ahead of Hikaru Nakamura and Levon Aronian. The World Champion showed an impressive play, mistreating his opponents with apparent ease.  In today's video...Full Story

Altibox Norway 2017

Added on 06.03.2017

It doesn't take much to understand that the Altibox Norway Chess is the strongest tournament of the year. The line-up is simply amazing, with an average rating of 2797.2. Four of the ten players are in the 2800+ club, and the "weakest" - namely Anish Giri - sports a monster rating of 2771!  It's easy to think that among those super-top players there could be the next challenger to Carlsen's throne, and this makes the tournament even more captivating for the chess fans. Carlsen, in this single...Full Story

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