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News and Events

Tal Memorial 2013

Added on 05.30.2013

There is no chance for the top players to take a bit of vacation! Few days after the FIDE Grand Prix in Thessaloniki, Greece, they will gather again in Moscow, for one of the classic tournaments of the year: the Tal Memorial. From June 13-23, some of the best players in the world will play the 8th edition of the tournament which honour the memory of the former World Champion Mikhail Tal, who died in 1992 The peripatetic circus is yet again ready to make all of us chess fans enjoy the...Full Story

FIDE Grand Prix Greece

Added on 05.21.2013

From May 22 to June 3 in Thessaloniki, a historical city in Greece, takes place the FIDE Grand Prix. ICC will follow the event with the live games and the Game Of the Day Service. GM Alex Yermolinsky will recap in a 30-minute videos each round. The lineup makes this GP very interesting. Games start at 7am ICC time (EDT) - 13:00 Central Europe. Rest Days: May 25th and 31st.   CONGRATULATIONS TO GM LEINIER DOMINGUEZ FROM CUBA!   Highlights...Full Story

A call to Action! By Marty Grund

Added on 05.09.2013

On his trip to SuperNationals in Nashville Tennessee this year, Marty Grund met a true Saint named Joseph Ocol. Joseph’s selfless mission will influence where bringing chess to schools will not only save lives but most certainly foster future academic scholars.  Read below about Marty's experience having been touched by this volunteer. The Faraday team:   Front Row (sitting L-R): Michael Hobbs (Grade 9), Bradley Green (Grade 11) and Almier Dowdell (Grade 8) 2nd Row (Standing L-R):...Full Story

Norway Chess 2013

Added on 05.04.2013

With an average rating of 2776, the first Norway Chess Tournament might be the strongest ever. May the 8th is the one day all the chess fans are waiting for. One of the strongest chess tournament ever is going to draw the fans' attention from May the 8th to May the 18th. The line-up is simply stunning, with all the 2750+ guys. At the last minute, Vladimir Kramnik had to decline the invitation, but the uber-strong Peter Svidler stepped in, completing a list of participatns that until now...Full Story

U.S. Championship 2013

Added on 05.01.2013

The 2013 U.S. Championship is the most prestigious event in the United States. It starts May the 2nd with the Opening ceremony. Play starts May the 3rd, at 2pm EDT. To celebrate the 5th annyversary of the U.S. Championship played at the S. Louis Chess Club and Scholastic Center, the organizers have set up a 24-players 9 Rounds Swiss Tournament.  Reigning Champion Hikaru Nakamura is not participating this year, but we will see several very strong players battling for the Title in S....Full Story

Alekhine Memorial 2013

Added on 04.08.2013

The incredible FIDE Candidates Tournament is just over, but there is no rest for us chess fans. April the 21st some of the strongest players in the world will meet again in Paris, France, for the first part of the Alekhine Memorial. World Champion Vishy Anand, former WC Vladimir Kramnik, the uber-strong Armenian Levon Aronian, Russian Peter Svidler, who was able to finish third only half a point behind Carlsen and Kramnik at the FIDe Candidates - together with Aronian, English GM Michael...Full Story

FIDE Candidates 2013

Added on 03.14.2013

The most awaited event of the year has finally started! Round 1 was quite uneventful - with four draws - but Rounds 2 and 3 have provided the chess fans with entertainment and some good chess. Round Reports Magnus Carlsen drew his first two games (against Aronian and Kramnik) and moved on to win round 3 game against Boris Gelfand. +1 for the Norwegian genius; considering he's already played the most dangerous opponents  (in the first "robin" of the tournament), it should be considered...Full Story

Ronen through History!

Added on 03.04.2013

New Show for our GM Ronen Har-Zvi! After years of investigating openings, Ronen moves on to present his fans with a brand new show. In these videos, GM Indiana-Jones will go through historical games, those which have made the history of our beloved Game.  Chess history at your fingertips in ICC: historical background, stories, anecdotes, and even gossip! And which game could have been the best to start such an interesting show? Yes, you got it: Karpov vs. Kasparov - the 24th game of...Full Story

Zurich Challenge 2013

Added on 02.22.2013

Last year it was head-to-head: Levon Aronian vs. Vladimir Kramnik. It ended in a draw. This year in Zurich the "challenge" will be a quadrangular, with four among the strongest players of the moment.   World Champion Vishy Anand, Former WC Vladimir Kramnik, Fabiano Caruana and Boris Gelfand make this event one of the most interesting in this still young 2013. Anand and Caruana will cross again their Kings over the board, after only a few days since the interesting Grenke Chess Classic,...Full Story

Baden-Baden 2013

Added on 02.07.2013

From February 7-17 in Baden-Baden, Germany takes place a strong 6-players tournament.The GRENKE Chess Classic this year presents an interesting line-up, with Anand, Caruana, Adams, Naiditsch, Fridman and Meier. ICC will relay the games live, and have a daily video-recap brought to you by GM Alex Yermolinsky. After the third round, Fabiano "Fab" Caruana leads solo, with 2.5 points. The young peripatetic Italian stud beat the strong German GM Arkadij Naiditsch; Fabiano drew the World...Full Story

ICC holds a Charity Simul

Added on 01.30.2013

ICC is going to hold an important event: We're not talking about super GM events, no. This is about life and one of our members in need. ICC is a community of people and very much like a family that truly cares about one another. GM Yuri Vovk approached me some days ago, and asked if we could do something to help 19-year-old Russian WIM Maria Butuc. Her mom has been diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Maria is the only person in the family able to help her mother, so we have decided to hold a...Full Story

Tata Steels Top Chess Grandmasters

Added on 01.11.2013

Each year after the champagne bottles have popped and the fireworks exploded in air, serious chess enthusiasts turn their attention to one of the mainstays of the annual tournament calendar: the chess festival at the Dutch coastal enclave of Wijk aan Zee.  Sponsored by the multinational steel manufacturer Tata (which bought out Corus a couple years ago), the invitees include 6 of the Top 10 in the world. • #1 Magnus Carlsen (NOR) 2861 • #3 Levon Aronian (ARM) 2802 • #5 Fabiano Caruana (ITA)...Full Story


Added on 01.07.2013

Two-thousand-and-twelve, good bye! A year of great chess just ended. We have seen many important events this past year, and ICC has brought you all the best of the action, with videos, relays and broadcasts. Anand has retained his World Champion Title, in a struggle against Israeli GM Boris Gelfand; Caruana and Nakamura have established their belonging to the elite chess, Numero Uno Magnus Carlsen has broken another impressive record, surpassing the stellar Kasparov's FIDE rating of 2851...Full Story

Pan Am Collegiate Chess Championship

Added on 12.24.2012

It's Holidays Time, but the ICC never stops bringing you the best from the chess world! For the first time ever this year ICC will have live broadcast for  the Pan American Intercollegiate Chess Championship, which is going to be played at the Princeton University Chess Club from December 27-30.   This tournament has come a long way, starting in 1946. It was played every even year until 1962, when it became a yearly event. The tournament peak was clearly in the 70's, when Bobby Fischer won...Full Story

How High Can Magnus Go?

Added on 12.16.2012

Still a teenager, the Norwegian superstar Magnus Carlsen rocketed to the top of the world rankings at the end of 2009.  Three years later, he has yet to reach orbit.  Indeed, Number One continues to climb, breaking records set by his one-time mentor, the great Garry Kasparov.  How high will he go?   Photo © The chess media focuses on the new record rating of 2861, but equally impressive is the 51 point gap that almost suddenly...Full Story

London and ICC: Capital of Chess!

Added on 12.01.2012

At the end of an intense year, filled with interesting and enthralling chess events, the curtain rises for the final act: The London Chess Classic! This amazing event sees a line-up that makes it one of the most important tournaments of all times. Magnus Carlsen and Judit Polgar the "Numero Uno" duo, had a shootout just few days ago, when they faced over the board for the exhibition games in Mexico City, the 2nd UNAM Festival. Judit surprised Magnus in the first game (Rapid), with a deep...Full Story

Segunda Gran Fiesta de Ajedrex UNAM

Added on 11.23.2012

The Segunda Gran Fiesta de Ajedrex UNAM in Mexico City brings us an amazing line-up with Magnus Carlsen, Judit Polgar, Lazaro Bruzon and Manuel Leon Hoyos participating to a "cuadrangular": 4 rounds KO system with the strong brigade playing Rapid and Blindfold games (remember the late lamented Amber event?). During the UNAM Festival - November the 24th at 1pm ICC time - Magnus Carlsen will be Public Enemy number 1 (!) in the "Carslen vs. the World" game! The Norwegian genius challenges the...Full Story

Masters Final - Sao Paulo & Bilbao

Added on 09.20.2012

The Masters Final this year is going to take place in two cities: first leg in Sao Paulo, Brazil - from September the 24th to the 29th, and second leg in Bilbao, Spain - from  October the 8th to the 13th. The list of participants is stunning: GM Magnus Carlsen, number one player in the world; GM Levon Aronian, number two; GM Vishy Anand, World Chess Champion; GM Serjey Karjakin, the super-strong Russian; GM Fabiano "the fab" Caruana from Italy and the strong Spanish player GM Francisco Vallejo...Full Story

FIDE Grand Prix in London!

Added on 09.20.2012

The FIDE Grand Prix, that will take place in London from September the 21st to October the 3rd, has finally a definite line-up. Unfortunately GM Peter Svidler had to renounce, thus the organizers called in GM Michael Adams, #1 of England. The complete line-up is: GM Hikaru Nakamura from USA, GM Vassily Ivanchuk form Ukraine, GM Alexander Grischuk from Russia, GM Veselin Topalov from Bulgaria, GM Wang Hao from China, GM Boris Gelfand from Israel, GM Peter Leko fr om Hungary, GM Anish Giri from...Full Story

40th Chess Olympiad - Daily Report: Round 10

Added on 09.08.2012

Three teams are heading into the final round of the 40th Chess Olympiad with equal points. According to the tie-break rule (Olympiad-Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break without lowest result (Khanty-Mansiysk)), the order is: China, Armenia, Russia. This complicated term is (explained) in the FIDE Handbook - Olympiad Pairing Rules. USA were in fantastic position to go for the gold medal after beating Russia, but today they lost against China....Full Story

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