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News and Events

World Chess Cup 2015

Added on 09.05.2015

  SERGEY KARJAKIN wins the World Cup 2015! Next time someone tells you that chess is a boring game, tell them to go check the final games of the FIDE World Cup 2015. Ten decisive games in a row. Probably a record. What an amazing finish! After Karjakin's great comeback in the last two games with "regular" time control, today it's just been unbelievable. Blunders everywhere, games thrown away, strokes of absolute genius, everything you'd never expect to see in a match between two of the best...Full Story

LIVE Events on ICCTV - September 2015 Calendar

Added on 09.03.2015

Here is September 2015 Calentar for the LIVE events broadcast on ICCTV Previous events/videos HERE Date Day Time Host Show Video 09/02 Wednesday 1PM IM Vojislav "voja" Milanovic LIVE Simul vs. 20 players 09/03 Thursday 5PM GM Alex Yermolinsky Every Russian Schoolboy Knows... LIVE! 09/05 Saturday 3PM IM Christof...Full Story

Sinquefield Cup 2015

Added on 08.11.2015

  Levon Aronian wins the 3rd Sinquefield Cup! Levon Aronian won convincingly - with 6 points out of 9 rounds - the 3rd Sinquefield Cup, incidentally beating the three US musketeers Nakamura, Caruana and So. It is a pleasure to see the kind and gentlemanly Levon back wearing the crown of such an important and uber-strong event, after his last great victory at the Tata Steel 2014. Aronian went into last round with a full point advantage, which made the final outcome quite predictable. In his...Full Story

LIVE Events on ICCTV - August 2015 Calendar

Added on 08.11.2015

Here is August 2015 Calentar for the LIVE events broadcast on ICCTV Previous events/videos HERE Date Day Time Host Show Video 08/03 Monday 4PM IM Christof Sielecki An hour of Chess... Explained! 08/05 Wednesday 1PM IM Vojislav "voja" Milanovic LIVE Simul vs. 20 players 08/06 Thursday 5PM GM Alex Yermolinsky Every Russian...Full Story

48th Biel Grandmaster Tournament

Added on 07.15.2015

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave from France, Michael Adams from England, David Navara from Czech Republic, Radoslaw Wojtaszek from Poland, Pavel Eljanov from Ukraine and Richard Rapport from Hungary are the strong bunch of GMs that will gather in Biel, Switzerland, to play the 48th traditional Grandmaster Tournament. The tournament has an average of 2720 Elo points (category 19) and will be held according to the Double Round Robin System (10 rounds). Play starts July 20th at 8:00AM EDT - 14:00 Rome,...Full Story

LIVE events on ICCTV - July 2015 Calendar

Added on 07.02.2015

Here is July 2015 Calentar for the LIVE events broadcast on ICCTV   Date Day Time Host Show Video 07/01 Wednesday 1PM IM Vojislav "voja" Milanovic LIVE Simul vs. 20 players 07/06 Monday 3PM GM Maxim Dlugy Banter Blitz 07/09 Thursday 5PM GM Alex Yermolinsky Every Russian Schoolboy Knows... LIVE!...Full Story

Dortmund 2015

Added on 06.26.2015

Congratulations to GM Fabiano Caruana! Fifth win and final victory for the American prodigal son, Fabiano Caruana. In a spectacular game against his direct rival for the success in Dortmund - the Romanian GM playing for Germany Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu, Fabiano finished the tournament with an amazing 5.5/7. Nisipeanu opened with the Evans Gambit(!), an ancient, romantic and not-much used opening and Caruana was able to come out of the opening with a decent position. The tactics at the end was...Full Story

Norway Chess Tournament 2015

Added on 06.02.2015

  Topalov is the new King of Norway! In a day saddened by the news about the great Walter Browne passing away in the night, the tournament was decided in less than one hour. 17 moves. That is all it took to end the 3rd Norway Chess. Topalov and Anand drew uneventfully, and Topalov is now the new King of Norway. Nakamura beat convincingly Aronian, whose tournament was not the best he's ever played. The Norwegian derby saw the most unexpected outcome: Hammer outplayed Carlsen, to get his...Full Story

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LIVE events on ICCTV - June 2015 Calendar

Added on 06.01.2015

Here is June 2015 Calentar for the LIVE events broadcast on ICCTV   Date Day Time Host Show Video 06/01 Monday 4PM IM Christof Sielecki An hour of Chess.. explained! 06/04 Thursday 5PM GM Alex yermolinsky Every Russian Schoolboy Knows... LIVE 06/07 Sunday 2PM IM Christof Sielecki SimulMaster...Full Story

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Banter Blitz and SimulMaster

Added on 05.28.2015

Here you find all the videos ICC has published so far of the LIVE events Banter  Blitz and SimulMaster.   07/26/2015 GM John Fedorowicz plays a simul against 20 players and commentates LIVE on his games! 07/22/2015 GM Joel Benjamin plays Banter Blitz with ICC members and commentates LIVE on his games! 07/18/2015 IM Christof "Chessexplained" Sielecki plays a simul with 20 players and commentates LIVE on his games! 07/06/2015 Today Max decided to play in "defensive mode", trying...Full Story

ICC Open 2015

Added on 05.11.2015

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4th FIDE Grand Prix

Added on 05.09.2015

The fourth and last FIDE Grand Prix will tell us who are the two super GMs to qualify for the Candidates tournament to be held in March 2016. ​Play starts May the 14th, at 6AM Eastern TIme (New York).   The two americans Fabiano Caruana and Hikaru Nakamura get the ticket for the Candidates tournament, which will be held in 2016 to decide who will be Carlsen's challenger. In the last round both the super-strong young players drew, securing the final result. At the beginning, with Tomashevsky...Full Story

LIVE events on ICCTV - May Calendar

Added on 05.03.2015

Here is May's Calentar for the LIVE events broadcast on ICCTV   Date Day Time Host Show 05/04 Monday 4PM IM Christof Sielecki An hour of Chess.. explained! 05/07 Thursday 6PM GM Alex yermolinsky Every Russian Schoolboy Knows... LIVE 05/09 Saturday 4PM GM David Smerdon Banter...Full Story

Gashimov Memorial 2015

Added on 04.12.2015

Magnus Carlsen wins the 2nd Gashimov Memorial, defending the title he had won last year. Magnus entered last round with half a point of advantage over Vishy Anand, and he set up a game with Mamedov that could have led to a draw, although we all know how subtle Magnus can be in endgames with even a very slight advantage. Mamedov felt the pressure - and who doesn't, playing Magnus? - and blundered horribly, resigning on the spot. Anand played a good game against Fabiano Caruana, ended in a draw....Full Story

U.S. Chess Championship 2015 - countdown!

Added on 03.26.2015

  HIKARU NAKAMURA is the 2015 US Champion! Gibraltar, Zurich and now the US Championship. So far, it's been Hikaru's year. Hikaru conquered the US Championship by winning round 11 against Alexander Onishuk, in a pretty amazing way. The game looked drawn, and everyone knows how solid Onischuk is in such positions. But the old lion miscalculated in a drawish endgame, and nobody can allow himself that when playing the number 3 in the world. Robson did his part, beating Timur Gareev in a crazy...Full Story

Let’s get ready!

Added on 03.10.2015

Let's get ready for April, which will be a tremendous month for chess! At the beginning of the month, the strongest ever U.S. Championship will take place at the swift Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis, Missouri. The elegant and famous chess club will host an amazing line-up of participants this year: the defending champion Gata Kamsky, World Number 3 Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So - who recently switched federation - Ray Robson, Alex Onischuk, Daniel Naroditsky, Sam Shankland, ICC's...Full Story

FIDE Grand Prix in Tbilisi

Added on 02.13.2015

The third FIDE Grand Prix is going to take place in Tbilisi, Georgia from February 15 to 27. The two leaders after the first two tournaments, Caruana and Nakamura,  will not play in Georgia - they are playing in Zurich - but the GP presents several very strong players: Grischuk, Giri, Vachier-Lagrave, Mamedyarov, Svidler, Andreikin, Jakovenko, Radjabov, Dominguez, Tomashevsky, Kasimdzhanov and Jobava. The latter is the only player whose rating is not over 2700, which gives an idea of how...Full Story

Zurich Chess Challenge 2015

Added on 02.09.2015

Follow this amazing event in ICC! All you need to do is three simple and quick steps. Get a FREE Trial account by registering HERE Download our interface HERE Connect to the ICC server and you're READY! Want to follow the games from your iPhone or iPad? Click HERE and download our iOS app. Do you have an Android phone or tablet? HERE is the link to download our app. From February 14 to 18, some of the strongest players in the world meet in Zurich, Switzerland, for the 4th Zurich Chess...Full Story

GRENKE Chess Classic 2015

Added on 01.31.2015

It's him again! Magnus Carlsen won the Grenke Classic 2015. Congratulations to the World Champion! In the last round Carlsen and Naiditsch drew their game, and went on to play tiebreak games. But it wasn't exactly a walk in the park for the super-Norwegian, who had to face a very pugnacious Arkadij Naiditsch in the playoffs. It was a rollecoaster: Magnus won the first of the two Rapid games (10+2) and most everyone at that point was quite sure it was going to be a matter of routine for the...Full Story

Gibraltar 2015

Added on 01.26.2015

Only one day after the amazing Tata Steel tournament finished, another great event starts in Gibraltar, the English piece of rock placed at the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea. This year the line-up is quite interesting, with Veselin Topalv, Hikaru Nakamura, Peter Svidler, Nikita Vitiugov, Dmitry Jakovenko, Pentala Harikrishna, Yangyi Yu, Richard Rapport, Maxim Matlakov, Ivan Cheparinov, Hou Yifan, and many other strong grandmasters, for a total of 70 players. The tournament is a 10 rounds...Full Story

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