Finding and Entering Tournaments

Competing in tournaments is one of the most exciting features of ICC. The easiest way to join a tournament is to go to the Windows tab and select Join a tournament in the Tournaments section:

Selecting Join a Tournament will bring your Activities window to the front and place you in the Tounramaments tab, listing current tournaments:

The Tournaments window lists all current tournaments and the icons associated with the tournament which will indicate tournament status. When the advertisement says late then the tournament has already started but you can still latejoin to play in the rounds still to come. If the join icon is no longer available, the tournament is no longer accepting new players and you can only view the tournament standings.

You can also watch for tournament announcements in the Main Console, the tournament channels and the Events Tab.

Be sure to understand what kind of tournament you are joining, and what the rules are. Most tourneys start as soon as they fill, and some finish within minutes. Joining such a tourney commits you to play its games until you withdraw or the tourney ends.

Others tourneys are one round per week or more (see STTourney), and don't even require that you log in more often than is required to arrange and play your game.

Please be aware that failure to observe the tournament rules could lead to being forfeited from the tournament, and repeated offenses could even get you temporarily blocked from playing tournaments. Please spend a few moments familiarizing yourself with the tournament rules. For a good brief introduction to ICC tournaments, see Tomato's Quick Start Guide (readout will appear in the Main Console)

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