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How to Play

Grandmaster Joel Benjamin is a three-time US Champion and the man hired by IBM as the "chess brains" for Deep Blue, the computer that historically defeated Garry Kasparov in 1997. In his 9-video series 'Benjamin for Beginners', Joel takes a newcomer to chess beyond the basics of how the pieces move with some important early tricks, tips and techniques that will soon boost your rating beyond beginner level!


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Lesson 1: Introduction to chess



Lesson 2: Queen Checkmate



Lesson 3: Rook Checkmate



Lesson 4: Defending against the four-move checkmate



Lesson 5: Proper Development



Lesson 6: Danger on the E-file



Lesson 7: Basic Opposition



Lesson 8: Dealing with Traps Part 1



Lesson 9: Dealing with Traps Part 2


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