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***** VALUE *****

In addition to the basic ICC features of playing games,
watching games, and communicating with players and friends worldwide,
the ICC provides a wide range of features and exciting chess
events for its members!  Altogether, ICC is a tremendous value for one
low yearly membership fee.

- Chess ratings and rank list.
- Accurate chess clocks with lag compensation.
- Your past 20 games are automatically saved.
- You can keep up to 400 games in your personal library.
- Online database of over five million master games played on ICC,
  available nowhere else.
- ECO opening identification system.
- Flexible system for specifying time control and other match parameters.
- Several convenient ways to find an opponent to play.
- Auto-notification of friend's arrival, departure, and game playing
- Time-odds games and material-odds games.
- Many chess variants include Loser's, Bughouse, Crazyhouse, Kriegspiel,
  Atomic, and Shatranj.
- Many chat channels for discussions, as well as shouts and kibitzes.
- Adjudication of abandoned games.
- Simultaneous exhibitions.
- Analysis (examine) mode.
- Chess problems.
- Your choice of graphical user interfaces.
- Moderated help channel.

- Many strong players to watch.  Hundreds of Grandmasters and
  International Masters are members of ICC.
- World-wide large attendance, 24 hours a day.
- Over 500 Tomato tournaments each week.
- Weekly Play-the-Master nights
- Weekly International Master Simuls!
- Live broadcasts, including World Championships, US Championships.
- Grandmaster-Grandmaster matches, Grandmaster-Computer matches.
- Lectures and Lessons, several every month.
- A computer-detection team to ensure that you won't have to play
  against computer-cheaters.
- A professional staff to maintain a well-run Club and provide
  top-quality features, events, and services.
Type "help register" for a list of advantages to being a registered 
member of the ICC.

There will be many more improvements suggested by ICC members
that will continue to maintain the ICC as the most exciting
place for chess players in the world.

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