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***** RESUME *****

Command : resume
This command is used to finish your stored (adjourned) games.  When
you type "resume", ICC will send a "match" request to all opponents
for which you have a stored game, and who are not currently playing a
game, and not in a tournament.  If one of them accepts the match
request, the stored game will begin and you can finish it with your

Please use "resume" often, to clear out your stored games.  It's a
good habit to type "resume" every time you log in.  "stored" shows a
list of your stored (adjourned) games.

If you have an opponent who refuses to continue a stored game, read
"help adjudicate".

If the game was adjourned because your opponent disconnected, you will
receive a 15 second bonus to your clock.

When you issue a "seek", a "resume" command is also issued for you.
It is more important to finish stored games than to begin new games.

If you never want to have to deal with adjourned games and resuming,
please read "help noescape".

See also: adjourn, adjudicate, match, stored, disconnect, sposition,
          seeking, noescape