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***** PREMOVE *****

"Premove" is a feature in BlitzIn, Dasher, Jin, and other interfaces.  
It allows you specify your next move while it's your opponent's turn.
As soon as your opponent moves, your interface plays the pre-prepared 
response (if it's a legal move).  In a 1-minute game or a desperate time
scramble, this can save a little time. But of course it's dangerous,
because the premove might be a blunder, if the opponent does something

You can only specify one premove. If that move is illegal after your
opponent moves, it will not be played, and you will have to make a move

See the documentation for your interface on how to configure and use

ICC always charges a minimum of 0.1 seconds for any move you make, including
premoves. That means you can never make more than 10 moves in one second, no
matter how fast you move or how many of those moves are premoves.

For those who feel adamantly that premove is unfair and who don't want
to play against anyone who has premove, it is possible now to put
!premove in your formula, e.g. "set formula !premove" and "set useformula 1"
before doing "seek".  That will block all challenges except from users of
older versions of Blitzin, users of a couple other clients that 
chess server knows don't have a premove feature, and users of Blitzin 2.5
who have premove disabled.  

See also: Blitzin, formula