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***** NOTIFY *****

Command : notify
Example : +notify Fred
        : +gnotify Fred

ICC provides notification features.  You can be notified by a message to
your screen, anytime someone logs on or logs off.  You can also be notified
anytime someone begins a game.  You can choose who to put on these "notify"
and "game notify" lists, so that you will be notified only about certain

For example: "+notify Fred" and "+gnotify Fred"
would add Fred to your notify list, and game-notify list.
"=notify" would display your notify list.  "-notify Fred"
would remove Fred from your notify list.

The special terms GM, IM, FM, WGM, WIM, WFM, and admin will work with notify
and gnotify to match all people on those lists.  For example, "+notify &GM"
would alert you whenever a Grandmaster logs into ICC.  Please note that you
need to add the "&" symbol in front of these special group names.

The maximum number of people you can put on your notify list is 150.

To see who on your notify list is currently logged on, type "znotl". This
command will also show people currently logged on that have you on their notify

See "help lists" for information on other lists.

See also: lists, vars, znotl