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***** FORMULA *****

"formula" is a variable that can be set with the "set" command, to screen
match challenges you receive from other players.  Use the terms and
operators below.  If your formula evalutes to "true" when someone
challenges you with the match command, then the challenge will get through
to you.  If it evaluates as "false", then the challenge is rejected, and
you receive notification that it is rejected.  0 is "false" and 1 is "true".
You may view your current formula with "vars".

If you want your formula to be used to screen people who accept your
seek ad, you must type "set useformula on" before you issue the seek.
You only have to type this once.  It is saved.

Formulae do not apply to "rematch" challenges, 1-minute, 5-minute and
15-minute games.

 =     equal to
 <     less than
 >     greater than
 <=    less or equal to
 >=    greater or equal to
 !=    not equal to
 +     used with "myrating myinc mytime ..." variables
 -     used with "myrating myinc mytime ..." variables
 *     used with "myrating myinc mytime ..." variables
 &     and
 |     or
 !     negation

Terms include:
 bullet      - is the time control that of a bullet game?
 blitz       - is the time control that of a blitz game?
 standard    - is the time control that of a standard game?
 wild        - the wild type of the match.
 time        - match time.
 inc         - match increment.
 etime       - "equivalent time". identical to time+2*inc/3.
 rated       - is the challenge for a rated game?
 rating      - your challenger's rating in the type of challenge.
 provisional - 1 or 0, depending on whether your challenger is provisional.
 established - 1 or 0, depending on whether your challenger is established.
 timeodds    - is this a time-odds game?
 ropen       - 1 or 0, depending on what your challenger's ropen flag is.
 wopen       - 1 or 0, depending on what your challenger's wopen flag is.
 mywild      - your wild variable.
 myrated     - your rated variable.
 myinc       - your inc variable.
 mood        - your mood variable.
 myrating    - your rating in the rating type of the challenge 
 noescape    - Does the challenger have noescape on?
 registered  - 1 or 0, depending whether your challenger is registered.
 color       - 0 if challenger demands black.  1 if challenger demands white.
 autocolor   - 0 if challenger demanded a certain color.  1 if he didn't.
               Can be used to screen out challenges that specify a color.
 computer    - is the challenger a computer?
 freeweek    - 1 if the challenger is in the 7-day free trial.
 lag         - the challenger's average lag, in milliseconds. 
 premove     - 0 if the server can be certain the challenger doesn't have
               the so-called "premove" feature, otherwise 1.

 "set formula blitz"             - Interested in blitz matches only.
 "set formula standard"          - Standard matches only.
 "set formula inc<=4 & inc>1"    - matches with increment less than or
                                   equal to 4 and greater than 1.
 "set formula rating > 2200"     - Only against opponents rated above 2200.
 "set formula (rating > myrating-200) & blitz"
                                 - Less than 200 points below me, and blitz.

See also: vars, mood, seeking, sfilter, noescape, premove